Pro-Lifers spit upon, attacked by vicious pro-aborts while warning that abortion causes breast cancer

Denver, CO — Every year, the city of Denver hosts a Race for the Cure .The Race is sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and proceeds are designated to fund breast cancer research. Many of the race participants do not realize that the Susan G. Komen Foundation gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood, America’s number one abortion provider. In 2003, 21 SGK Foundation affiliate grants totaling over $475,000 were given to Planned Parenthood (Kristen Kelly, Susan G. Komen Public Relations). Not only is the SGK Foundation a financial supporter of Planned Parenthood, they have continually hidden the link between abortion and breast cancer. The SGK Foundation denies such a link, ignoring scientific evidence to the contrary. For this reason, while thousands raced for the cure in Denver, a dozen or so stood on the sidelines to show the truth of abortion.
On October 2, 2005, the Race for the Cure in Denver began with a loud horn and dozens of pink balloons released into the Denver skyline. As the first wave of 60,000 runners hit the first mile of their run, their eyes were drawn to the Truth Truck, parked just across a grassy divide from the Speer Street route. As the runners continued, the truck’s presence was explained by bright pink signs with black letters proclaiming “Abortion Causes Breast Cancer” and “”. By the time the second wave of racers were approaching the truck, the protesters were nearly deafened by boos and threats. A seemingly non-stop contingent of rabid pro-choice women threw full water bottles and verbally assaulted the protesters behind the police tape. Several times, bold individuals crossed the tape and attacked the pro-life crowd, incensed at the images on the truth truck and word “abortion.” One protester was punched in the face by an irate woman. Two men exposed themselves to the women and children in the protest area. The pro-life picketers filed several complaints with the Denver Police Department, but the police did not attempt to arrest any of the violent and perverted perpetrators.

As the barrage continued, it became overwhelmingly evident that the racers were angered by the word “ABORTION” and the images on the truck. Phrases such as “My body, my choice!” were continually screamed at the picketers, accompanied by thousands of middle fingers. Few participants cared to address the link between abortion and breast cancer. The vulgar and obscene men and women did not seem to care that their crude language was heard and repeated by their children. Instead, they were determined to ignore the truth and deny any scientific research presented to them. Picketer Jo Scott commented, “This must be the wide road to hell.” Only half a dozen women gave the protesters a discreet “thumbs up.”
The Race for the Cure in Denver made it clear that the pro-choice movement is completely irrational. Not one piece of evidence was given to refute the link between abortion and breast cancer. Not all breast cancers can be avoided, but abortion is avoidable. The racers, as a whole, did not care that they were being lied to. The violence and vulgarity attested to a movement based on emotions and selfishness instead of scientific fact. The Truth Truck’s presence at this event put the multitudes face to face with the evil that they promote, and made it abundantly clear that the images need to be present at every Race for the Cure to show the truth.