[WICHITA, KS — The following is the testimony of Truth Truck driver Jeff Herzog, who tells of a baby saved from abortion at Women’s Health Care Services, George Tiller’s infamous late-term abortion mill.]

You can stand there for days on end and not seeing anything but cars whizzing past you, knowing the end result is going to be a dead baby and a wounded mother. But Friday, June 24th was different because God blessed us with some wonderful news. While standing at Tiller’s gate a young mother approached us with her three-month old baby to offer her heartfelt gratitude to us for being there when she came to Tiller’s for an abortion. The baby she was holding would have been the victim. Do you know what her mind? It was the graphic image of an aborted baby on the side of the Truth Truck. She said she was horrified that someone could do that to a baby and it made her sick. She just couldn’t do it and instead of driving into Tiller’s to kill her child, she drove into the crisis pregnancy center’s driveway next door and got the help she needed. This is another miracle that God let us in on and a testimony to the fact that pictures of aborted children, horrible as they are, are vital in our quest to save children from certain death, and to change minds in a culture that has lost its moral compass. I was able to hold her in my arms. You see plainly that she is not a choice, but a child! Her name is Natalie. Isn’t she beautiful?