Meanwhile, Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck Fleet will continue to expose Obama’s abortion extremism across the nation

Sioux Falls, SD – While every election is of vital importance for Christians to participate, this year’s election seems particularly so. As with each election, the lives of innocent babies can be saved or lost at the ballot box.
This year, along with the presidential race, where that is the case more then ever, there are a number of states with important races that could dramatically impact the practice of abortion. Among those states is South Dakota, where the campaign to pass Measure 11, a ban on most abortions, is currently a dead heat in the polls.
We believe that the South Dakota vote could be a turning point in our battle against abortion, and is perhaps the most critical race of the year, apart from who will be our next president.
Over the next few days, our fleet of ten Truth Trucks will continue to expose Obama’s abortion extremism across the nation and in several battle ground states. Operation Rescue’s Senior Policy Advisor, Cheryl Sullenger, will remain at our national headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, to continue to monitor George Tiller’s late-term abortion clinic and help with the important District Attorney’s race there.
But Operation Rescue’s President, Troy Newman, has decided to invest the last days before this critical election in South Dakota, in support of Measure 11.
Even though it is even in the polls, Measure 11 has had to contend with a great amount of dirty dealings from the abortion cartel.

  • Television ads have been aired by opponents of Measure 11 that are so fraught with error that the Vote Yes For Life group was forced to file legal action with the FCC.
  • Groups like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have bussed in pro-abortion carpetbaggers from out of state with the intention of influencing the South Dakota election.
  • The abortion cartel’s group that is opposing Measure 11 was caught red-handed on tape bragging about how they were committing voter fraud and encouraging others to do so.
  • Even worse has been the betrayal from some of the misguided so-called “right to life” groups who have actively worked to oppose Measure 11.
    Newman’s intent on going to South Dakota is to provide support for the Vote Yes for Life campaign, expose any further deception on the part of the abortion cartel, and to do all he can to make sure that the election is honestly decided. He will be reporting daily from the campaign via brief video reports.
    If you live in South Dakota, please join Troy Newman and the Vote Yes For Life folks campaigning in support of Measure 11. If you live elsewhere, please pray for the success of this measure. If you can, please also consider making a last-minute online donation to Operation Rescue by clicking here to help with the cost of our eleventh-hour election outreaches.
    South Dakota has the opportunity to become the first abortion-free state. So much is at stake. Please pray for the success of Measure 11, the defeat of Barack Obama, and for pro-life measures and candidates across the nation to win the day, and with it the lives of the innocent.