SHIAWASSEE COUNTY, MI – Opening arguments were presented this morning in the murder trial of Harlan Drake, who is accused of murdering pro-life activist Jim Pouillon as he protested outside an Owosso, Michigan high school, and Michael Fuoss, the owner of a local gravel pit.
Drake has confessed to the murders. His attorneys say Drake was mentally ill on September 11, 2009, when he went on his murder spree. It is said that Drake held a grudge against Poullion and was unhappy with the way he protested abortion by using signs with the graphic images of aborted babies. Drake also apparently had an unrelated grudge against Mr. Fuoss.
Prosecutors are arguing evidence will show that Drake pre-planned the murders the night before and was not mentally ill at that time.
“We continue to pray for the family of Jim Pouillon and the Fuoss family during this difficult time along with prayers that justice is done and Mr. Drake is held fully accountable for his actions,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.