By Cheryl Sullenger

Fort Myers, FL – A Planned Parenthood worker called 911 for an ambulance to transport a 35-year-old woman who was hemorrhaging dangerously after an abortion.

Operation Rescue obtained 911 records from the May 13, 2021, emergency that showed the woman suffered a traumatic injury to her uterus during the abortion.  The clinic worker acknowledged that blood was “pouring” from her body.

There was one awkward moment during the call between the dispatcher and the Planned Parenthood worker.

911:  I apologize if this is an odd question.  Has the afterbirth been delivered yet?

PP:  Um, I’m not sure the answer to that.

“I understand that the 911 operators have a list of standard questions to ask for each specific kind of emergency, but that afterbirth question applied to births, not first and second trimester dismemberment abortions,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.  “That was an uncomfortable moment because both the operator and the Planned Parenthood worker knew that there is a vast difference between the birth process and an abortion that removes the growing baby from the womb in pieces.  It was just an ugly reminder of the brutality of abortion compared to the natural birth process.”

An ambulance was dispatched for the hemorrhaging woman with the notation “EMS Respond HOT” on the Computer Aided Dispatch Transcript (CAD).

She was transported by ambulance without lights or sirens to Healthpark Medical Center in Fort Myers for care that may have spared her life.

“We cannot deny the barbaric nature of abortion or pretend it isn’t the grisly practice that it is,” said Newman.  “We must continue to pray and work toward ending this brutal and inhumane practice in our nation, and that includes engaging in the political process.  Voter integrity and the defeat of Planned Parenthood’s political lackeys at the ballot box should be two top priorities of pro-life supporters in the coming months.”