Radio commentary reveals that many women are under-informed about pregnancy, and those who receive information are less likely to abort.
By Cheryl Sullenger

There’s a saying that ignorance is bliss, and apparently that is the motto that the abortion cartel lives by. Abortionists in Nebraska and Oklahoma have challenged abortion regulations that were meant to give women as much information as possible and help identify risk factors that may cause women to double-think their abortion decisions.
Laws like these are bad for the abortion business, and a recent conversation with the director of a pregnancy resource center next door to Operation Rescue’s national headquarters supports that assertion.
In fact, what she tells us is shocking.
“Women just don’t know,” the director tells us. Women she sees every day are unaware of the development of the babies inside their wombs. She says that they are surprised to learn that the heart is beating or that their baby in the first trimester has arms and legs, fingers and toes, or that their baby is already a boy or a girl.
Newman has produced a 1-minute radio spot concerning this topic for his “Take a Minute for Life” program that airs regularly on the Bott Radio Network.
Abortionists want women to have as little information as possible because when women discover the truth about their baby and the risk factors that abortion presents to women, they are less likely to get abortions. And that means more money out of the pockets of an abortion cartel that is facing a dwindling demand for their services.
That is particularly true when it comes to pre-abortion ultrasound legislation. Some statistics show that 85 percent of abortion-minded women who view their baby’s image on ultrasound will not go through with the abortion.
“Any industry that loses 85 percent of their business is not going to survive,” said Newman. “They have a vested interest in concealing the truth from women. They prey on those who are not fully informed and are therefore vulnerable. Women’s advocacy groups should be outraged that pregnant women are exploited in this manner.”
The Center for Reproductive Rights, a legal group that works to insulate abortionists from having to comply with the law, argued in Oklahoma argued that the legislature voted to “abuse” women by requiring them to view an ultrasound of their baby prior to an abortion.
“It is ludicrous to say that educating women is abuse. This just illustrates how desperate they are to keep women in the dark and easy prey for an abortion cartel that literally banks on women having as little information as possible,” said Newman.
While the abortionists in Nebraska and Oklahoma have won round one concerning their current abortion laws, there is no doubt that the truth will eventually win out.
In fact, Nebraska one abortion law went into effect last week that bans abortions after 21 weeks, when a baby is known to feel pain.
“There is fear and reluctance by abortionists to tackle this law because there is a good possibility they could lose at the Supreme Court level, and that would redefine the way abortion is regulated, and could even erode Roe v. Wade, either partially or completely,” said Newman. “They know that the tide is turning against them and, as a recent New York Times article reported, it startles them.”
America is indeed becoming more pro-life as more information about the pre-born baby and the appalling state of the nation’s abortion mills becomes public. State legislators are starting to get it, and are doing what they can to protect women from abortion exploitation. Eventually the local judiciaries will catch up. And when all women are given free access to the truth, the end of abortion will not be far behind.