Any of these cases could cost Tiller his medical license

Wichita, KS – Letters from the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts have been received by two women notifying them that their complaints against late-term abortionist George Tiller remain open and are progressing through the system.
One woman, referred to by Operation Rescue only as Shaye, received a letter from the Board concerning her complaint that Tiller’s staff intentionally falsified her sonogram measurements to make her baby appear younger in order to avoid having to comply with the Kansas late-term abortion law.
Shaye’s experience was part of an undercover investigation conducted by Operation Rescue and has been fully documented in an online report and video. (Click here to view.)
Another woman, who is referred to publicly as “Patient S.” received notice that information she recently sent to the KSBHA concerning her botched abortion experience was added to a complaint filed earlier by Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue.
Patient S. suffered life-threatening abortion complications at Tiller’s abortion clinic, including a high fever and respiratory and cardiac arrest during the abortion. She was transported to the hospital in Tiller’s private vehicle, where he told her to keep her IV bag down so the protesters would not see it. She also suffered a staph infection on her face due to the apparent reuse of a dirty oxygen mask. (Read more.)
These complaints are in addition to the 11-count petition against Tiller made public by the KSBHA moments after “not guilty” verdicts were returned in Tiller’s criminal case.
“Tiller’s troubles are far from over, and his medical license remains at risk. With the changes at the Board, we are encouraged by news that these cases are moving forward,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “With so many accusations of wrong-doing against him, we have every hope that Tiller will eventually be held accountable for his actions.”