Wichita, KS – Representatives of Women’s Health Care Services, the infamous late-term abortion mill owned and operated by George Tiller, were in small claims court on Tuesday where they are being sued for using a “stink bomb” to sicken and intimidate sidewalk counselors outside the clinic’s gate.
WHCS administrator JoAn Armentrout appeared on behalf of WHCS and was accompanied by security guard John Rayburn.
Pro-lifer Mark Gietzen, director of the Kansas Coalition for Life and a driver of Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck, is seeking $4,000 in damages after an incident last September when Rayburn placed a “stink bomb” on the parking lot side of a cedar plank fence directly next to where pro-life supporters usually stand. Gietzen has stated that the “stink bomb” emitted a powerful stench that sickened him and other volunteers, and was used to drive off the pro-lifers after sidewalk counselors had dissuaded a woman from following through with an abortion the previous day. Symptoms from the chemical attack included headache and nausea.
At Tuesday’s hearing, Armentrout submitted a memorandum to the Court addressing the “stink bomb” incident and complaining extensively about Operation Rescue’s Truth Truck, which is parked outside Tiller’s gate every hour the abortion mill is open.
Armentrout also argued that WHCS was being improperly sued since Rayburn is an independent contractor hired to provide security. She told the court that Rayburn’s Diamond Security company was the entity that should be used.
Judge Steven Woodring ordered that Gietzen amend his complaint to include Diamond Security and continued the small claims trial for a third time to June 10. Judge Woodring warned Armentrout that a decision in this case would be issued on June 10 and that he would allow no further delays.
“This was a punitive act by Tiller’s clinic that was obviously meant to get even with sidewalk counselors for saving a baby,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “People were sickened by this chemical attack, which no one at WHCS is denying took place. There should be some legal repercussions to this kind of behavior and we pray that Mr. Gietzen prevails in his suit.”
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