Day two of hearing leads to efforts to get statements of Linda Carter in the sex and abortion corruption scandal that led to former Attorney General Morrison’s resignation in disgrace

Wichita, KS – The man who served as chief investigator under former Attorney General Phill Kline resumed testimony today in a hearing considering whether or not 19 criminal charges against late-term abortionist George Tiller should go forward.
While much of the day’s questioning was mundane, attention of the courtroom observers was abruptly piqued when Monnat’s line of questioning turned to William’s knowledge of an adulterous affair between former Attorney General Paul Morrison and his employee, Linda Carter, while he was the District Attorney of Johnson County.
According to a news article that appeared in the Topeka Capital Journal on December 9, 2007, Carter and Morrison allegedly quarreled in March, 2007, over Morrison’s reluctance to charge Tiller. Morrison finally filed 19 misdemeanor charges against Tiller on June 28, 2007. Those charges are the subject of the current court proceedings.
Williams testified that he became aware of the illicit affair during a meeting attended by a number of members of the Johnson County District Attorney’s office.
Former Attorney General Phill Kline became Johnson County District Attorney on January 8, 2007, replacing Paul Morrison in that office after Morrison defeated Kline for Attorney General.
Williams testified that he interviewed Carter at a private residence that resulted in the production of a statement signed by Carter. About a week later, Williams took Carter’s deposition in the presence of her attorney at a hotel conference room. However, he also told the court that he retained no copies of any of those documents.
Tiller’s defense immediately asked for a renewal of a subpoena for those documents from Special Prosecutor Timothy Keck, who is responsible for an ongoing investigation of possible criminal conduct against Morrison, including allegations that he tried to use Carter to “spy” on Kline’s abortion investigations for the purpose of impeding those investigations. Tiller’s defense had previously requested a subpoena for the documents in Keck’s possession, but the subpoena was quashed because producing the document could impede Keck’s criminal investigation. Judge Clark Owens indicated that he will rule on that request in the morning when Williams is scheduled to resume testimony.
Prosecutor Barry Disney of the Attorney General’s office objected to the Carter statements being introduced because Carter has not been subpoenaed for cross examination, making the statements hearsay and inadmissible. Disney invited Monnat to subpoena Carter, but apparently efforts to locate Carter have been unsuccessful.
Earlier in the day, Tom Williams testified about other matters. He said that he conducted an investigation into the non-reporting of child sex abuse in Kansas under Kline’s direction. He was questioned, sometimes in an argumentative way, by Tiller’s attorney Dan Monnat. Williams’ part in the documents that launched the official inquisition approved by Shawnee County District Judge Richard Anderson was closely examined, along with the scope of the investigation, which included Tiller.
Williams has been on the stand since Monday afternoon. Deputy Johnson County District Attorney Eric Rucker is scheduled to take the stand once Williams has completed his testimony.
Operation Rescue representatives have been in the court room for the entire hearing and will continue to monitor the proceedings until their conclusion.
“Tiller is trying to show that the prosecutors engaged in outrageous prosecutorial misconduct in pursuing charges against Tiller. But what we must remember is that Tiller is the one charged with crimes, not the prosecutors,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The true outrage is that Tiller, who we are convinced kills innocent viable babies contrary to the laws of Kansas, has the gall to accuse decent men and women of improper conduct when they have done nothing be try to enforce the laws in order to protect the innocent. We continue to pray this prosecution will be successful and that Tiller will finally be brought to justice.”