If he is going to lie about this, what else is he lying about?
An Opinion by Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue

On the 35th memorial of Roe v. Wade, late-term abortionist George R. Tiller defiantly posted a self-promoting banner on the fence surrounding his infamous abortion mill, Women’s Health Care Services, which stated, “Wichita Stands with Dr. Tiller, 35 years of saving women’s lives.”
But according to information collected by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDH&E), there has never been a reported abortion since reporting was mandated that was done for the purpose of saving the life of a woman.
It is obvious from state records that Tiller has never saved the life of a single woman by giving her an abortion. Frankly, his statement is insulting to the family of Christin Gilbert, a Tiller patient who died from complications of a botched third-trimester abortion two years ago.
The absurdity of Tiller’s claim at life-saving becomes tragically evident when we couple Gilbert’s avoidable death with the fact that Tiller currently faces 19 criminal charges for illegally taking the lives of 19 viable babies that should have had the protection of law. A grand jury is also in the process of investigating allegations that Tiller committed hundreds more illegal abortions beyond viability – about half of which would have been done on girl babies.
And as far as community support goes, over 15,000 citizens of Sedgwick County who signed petitions calling for two grand juries to investigate Tiller might differ with the abortionist’s boast that Wichita stands with him. In fact, nearly 70% of Wichita households oppose abortion and Tiller’s abortion business, according to a poll commissioned by Operation Rescue.
Tiller’s banner would have more accurately read: “George Tiller: 35 years of exploiting women and taking lives.”
If he is going to lie about this, what else is he lying about?