Abortionist’s investigation request of O’Reilly, Kline is a desperate move to avoid indictment and confuse voters

Wichita, KS — In what Operation Rescue is calling a desperate attempt to avoid impending indictments, attorneys for late-term abortionist George R. Tiller have promised to ask the Kansas Supreme Court today to confiscate medical records that the Kansas Attorney General’s office is now reviewing, which allegedly contain evidence of illegal late-term abortions.
Tiller will also request a “special prosecutor” to investigate Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and Attorney General Phill Kline for statements made during a Friday interview where O’Reilly claimed to have an “inside source” that has provided documentation to him of illegal late-term abortions.
“This is nothing more than a brazen attempt to strip the Attorney General of evidence that will likely lead to indictments of Tiller,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “In the process, voters will be confused about the medical records issue with little time before the election to set the record straight.”
News reports have left the erroneous impression that O’Reilly’s “inside source” was someone inside the Attorney General’s office, but the video recording of the interview clearly indicates that Kline was surprised to hear of O’Reilly’s source. O’Reilly specifically indicated to Kline that he was not sure the Attorney General had access to the same information he had.
Media bias in this story seems designed to hurt Kline’s chances for re-election. Kline’s opponent, Paul Morrison pledged to “walk away” from the abortion investigation. Morrison is receiving heavy financial support from third party groups that have been traced to Tiller. Operation Rescue as called on Morrison to withdraw from the race because of this appearance of corruption.
“O’Reilly’s inside source is likely a scared employee who came forward because of illegal activity she has witnessed. The source could also be women who now regret their abortions and want to stop Tiller from hurting others through his abuse of Kansas abortion laws,” said Newman. “We suspect this might be the case because Operation Rescue has also received information about Tiller from both kinds of sources.”
“In either case, I am sure Tiller is not sleeping at night trying to figure out how to cover his now-exposed backside,” said Newman. “We pray that Tiller will come clean and repent, but if he refuses, we pray for justice to be done and that the laws of the State of Kansas will be upheld.”