Another botched abortion at Tiller's Abortion MillWICHITA, KS — The Abortion Capital of the World experienced another tragedy today when late-term abortionist George R. Tiller escorted his latest victim to the hospital via a speeding ambulance. The woman apparently suffered severe complications after visiting Tiller’s late-term abortion mill earlier today. Tiller has been quoted as saying that he transports women to the hospital only if they receive life-threatening injuries during abortions at his outpatient clinic.
Photos available here.
The paramedics were called to Tiller’s killing center (Women’s Heath Care Services) today just before 11:00am. Soon after arriving, an African American woman, visibly writhing in pain, was rushed into the waiting ambulance. “The sirens roared and the lights flashed as they sped toward the Emergency Room of Wesley Medical Center,” said Troy Newman, Operation Rescue President and eyewitness at the scene. The woman’s condition – or even if she survived her injuries – is unknown.
Wesley Medical Center has long been associated with the notorious abortionist Tiller, who has been dubbed ’Tiller the Killer’ not only for his abortion business, but also for the frequency with which women are transported to the hospital via ambulance after receiving abortion services. “The Wesley cover-up continues,” said Newman, “but the pictures prove the deadly connection between the contract killer and his collaborators.” (see more on abortion collaborators)
“But the plot thickens,” said Newman. “On duty today was the equally notorious baby butcher, Leroy Carhart, from Lincoln, Nebraska.” Carhart was propelled into the national spotlight when his legal challenge to Nebraska’s ban on partial birth abortion won a Supreme Court victory in the spring of 2000.
“It is safe to assume this un-dynamic duo of Carhart and Tiller, two of only a handful of abortionists willing to abort babies into the latest terms of pregnancy, were in fact committing the most despicable violation on a viable pre-born baby – first delivering the baby’s feet and torso, then sucking his brains from his skull before fully delivering the dead infant.”
Newman continued, “But this time the complication are severe. Late-term abortion may be legal but it is never safe. I challenge you to look at the face of this black mother and tell me she isn’t wishing she had never met Tiller and Carhart.”