Troubled late-term abortionist sends patient in private vehicle to avoid OR cameras

Wichita, KS — Late-term abortionist George Tiller rushed to Wesley Medical Center in his private vehicle today at approximately 8:30 AM, still wearing surgical scrubs from the morning’s abortions.
Just a few moments earlier Rescuers noticed a green suburban exiting the mill carrying a woman in the back seat with her head covered with a jacket.
“She was slumped down in the back seat, but I saw her head pop up as soon as the vehicle turned the corner,” said one of OR’s investigators who was on the scene at the time. The vehicle was headed in the direction of Wesley Medical Center, where Tiller admits patients suffering from abortion complications.
The rescuer drove to Wesley and photographed Tiller and the victim’s vehicle in the medical center parking lot. Tiller later left the hospital and returned to the abortion mill at approximately 10:20 AM, however, the victim remained at Wesley.
“After the past 18 months of us exposing botched abortion after botched abortion, it looks like Tiller is attempting to hide his mistakes by using private vehicles to transport injured women. His dangerous practices are going from bad to worse. When will the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts and Governor Sebelius act to protect women from this reckless man?”
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