Wichita, KS – Yesterday, late-term abortionist George R. Tiller was served with a lawsuit in small claims court filed by Mark Gietzen asking for the maximum amount of $4,000 for injuries Gietzen sustained during a hit-and-run incident outside Tiller’s abortion clinic last year.
Gietzen drives one of Operation Rescue’s Truth Trucks, and is the director of the Kansas Coalition For Life.
Gietzen says that as he and another man were measuring the driveway to insure that certain prayer activities were within the law, when Tiller accelerated his Jeep Grand Cherokee directly at them, even turning to continue to aim at them as they began to move out of the way. Tiller’s Jeep struck Gietzen as he attempted to move, bruising his arm and leg, and causing pain for several months.
Gietzen filed the small claims action in order to protect other volunteers who pray and offer women assistance outside Tiller’s abortion mill from being similarly attacked.
Gietzen’s lawsuit caught the attention of the producers of two television programs, Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown. Gietzen received letters from both programs asking to try the case on their shows. Gietzen is still considering the offers.
“We support Mark’s efforts to seek a monetary judgment against Tiller in small claims court in compensation for his injuries. It is a shame that he may have to plead his case through a television program in order to get justice,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This case should have been pursued in criminal court, but since it was rejected by the District Attorney, Mark must take whatever legal recourse is left him. If Tiller suffers no consequences for his reckless behavior, the next time he may kill someone.”
This case adds to Tiller’s growing legal problems. Tiller is currently facing 19 criminal counts of unlawful late-term abortion, a grand jury investigation that is presently on hold pending an appeal to the Kansas Supreme Court, and two active complaints with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts for illegal abortions, violation of medical ethics and standard of care at his Wichita abortion clinic.
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