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The TILLER REPORT is a 34 page report containing information gathered by Operation Rescue West’s investigation into America’s most notorious late-term abortionist, George R. Tiller. Read the startling picture of a man with an overwhelming need for respect and recognition, who is plagued by drug and alcohol addiction, and who distances himself from close personal relationships, yet claims a cultish pseudospirituality. His propensity toward substance abuse and blame shifting, along with his macabre fascination with death, leads reasonable people to have concerns about his psychological stability. In addition, this report presents documented evidence of a troubled medical practice with a history of botched and coerced abortions, abortions on minor girls as young as 12-years old, and an abortion survivor who was mercilessly left to die. The report shows that Tiller has exhibited cruel, cold-hearted treatment of women. It exposes Tiller’s death camp incinerator where the broken bodies of his tiny victims are burned in a manner that is reminiscent of the Nazi concentration camp ovens.

The report shows that, time after time, Tiller has managed to dodge criminal prosecution in spite of numerous pieces of legislation that have been passed for the express purpose of limiting his abortion business. ORW’s investigation also reveals the shocking truth, that members of Wichita’s business, political, and religious communities have aided and abetted Tiller, allowing his killing business to expand and flourish.

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Table of Contents

Tiller the Killer.¨ Decadent, Lavish Lifestyle
¨ Following in Daddy.s Footsteps?
¨ From Healer to Killer
¨ Free Abortions
¨ Chilling Lectures on Gruesome

Dismemberment Techniques
¨ Exporting Murder
¨ Drugs, Alcohol, and Spirituality
¨ “Abortion is worth going to Hell for..”

Women’s Health Care Services
¨ Tiller’s Soulless Minions
¨ Former Employees Rat Out the Rat
¨ The Abortion
¨ The Ultimate Complication
¨ Fetal Indications Termination of Pregnancy Program
¨ Bizarre Services and Religious Rituals
¨ Baby Chelsea
¨ The Complications
¨ Disposal of Human Remains
¨ Selling Baby Body Parts
¨ Tiller’s Philosophy of Murder
¨ Tiller’s Three Rules of Practice

Perpetrators Go Unpunished
¨ Kansas Laws Ignored
¨ Partial Birth Abortion Ban Nullified

Botched Abortions and Other Troubles
¨ Evidence of Botched Abortions
¨ Coerced Abortions
¨ The Five Year Abortion
¨ Abortion for a 12-year Old Girl

The Accomplices to Murder
¨ Builders for Blood Money
¨ Wesley Medical Center
¨ Sunflower Travel
¨ LaQuinta Inn
¨ Best Cab Company
¨ Diamond Security
¨ PSI Armored, Inc.
¨ Maggot Punks Punked Out

The Enablers
¨ Reformation Lutheran Church
¨ Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
¨ Exploration Place and the YMCA

Political Cronies
¨ ProKanDo and Campaign Contributions
¨ Buying Vetoes?
¨ Crumbling Support in Wichita.s City Government

¨ What You Can Do to Stop the Killing

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* Requires Adobe Reader (free download).
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