Tiller Narrowly Escaped Indictment, Grand Jury Source Reveals

Anonymous source tells Operation Rescue what really happened to late-term abortion victim Christin Gilbert and why the Grand Jury investigating George Tiller narrowly failed to indict.

Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue has interviewed a source inside the grand jury that investigated late-term abortionist George Tiller for the abortion death of 19-year old Christin Gilbert. That source, who spoke with Operation Rescue on condition of anonymity, has revealed new information about what really happened to Christin Gilbert, and why the grand jury narrowly failed to indict Tiller in the young Down Syndrome girl’s death.

Operation Rescue will be publishing this information in four parts. Today’s segment is titled “What Really Happened to Christin Gilbert?” It reveals the horrific ordeal endured by the Texas teen, including a bombshell revelation that the misuse of the controversial RU 486 abortion drug may have contributed to her death.

Part Two will take an inside look at what happened during the grand jury process and why jurors were left with frustrations about stonewalling and unanswered questions that prevented them from being able to issue an indictment. The source revealed to Operation Rescue that Tiller missed being indicted on 4 counts of negligence by only one vote.

Part Three of this report will explore what the source called a “fraternity” that has covered up for George Tiller, even in some cases in violation of their own policies. That group includes the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s office, and Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

Part Four will explore the unanswered questions and conflicting testimony that leaves little doubt that a cover-up is in place, and will take a look at what can be done about this now obvious miscarriage of justice.

PART ONE: “What Really Happened to Christin Gilbert?”

Christin Gilbert was 19 years old. She had Down Syndrome, and had recently graduated from the Special Education Program of her hometown high school in Keller, Texas. She lived in a quiet neighborhood with her mother, father, and older sister. Christin loved sports and was a regular at the Keller Special Olympics where she once won a gold medal in the softball throw. Christin had served as batgirl and team inspiration for the Keller Girl’s High School Soft Ball team that won the State Championship in 2003.

But in spite of her seemingly happy life and loving personality, Christin had a dark secret. She was the victim of sexual abuse that resulted in pregnancy sometime in 2004. Her parents’ decision to abort Christin’s baby — in the third trimester of pregnancy — led to Christin’s death in Wichita, Kansas, on January 13, 2005.

A complaint was filed with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts asking for abortionist George R. Tiller to be disciplined for Christin’s death, but the Board refused to take action against him after Gov. Kathleen Sebelius intervened in the case.

Because of this, a grassroots citizens group gathered signatures, as allowed by Kansas Law, and successfully convened a grand jury to investigate possible criminal wrongdoing in Gilbert’s death. It was announced on July 31, 2006, that the grand jury had returned no indictments and had been dismissed.

Anonymous Source Comes Forward

But now a source inside the grand jury process wants to talk. This person wants people to know the truth about what happened to Christin and the frustration faced by the grand jury that was denied the information they needed to make proper decisions.

According to the source, the grand jury had access to a large amount of documents in the case, including written reports from George Tiller and numerous other individuals. They were able to interview many people associated with Christin’s death, but were denied access to others.

Suspicious Behavior

The source tells Operation Rescue that from the outset, there were some concerns about what was going on within Christin’s family. Christin had the mental capacity of a six year old, according to testimony given to the grand jury. Why did it take so long for Christin’s family to discover her pregnancy?

There was some evasion of this question by the family. The mother indicated that she just thought Christin was putting on weight, but given the fact that she would have to be helped with the use of feminine products each month, that explanation raised more questions than it answered.

Christin’s mother, Paula Gilbert, indicated that one day she noticed a “pooch” on Christin’s stomach as she was getting into the bathtub. The next day, she took Christin to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Dallas, Texas, where her pregnancy was confirmed to be in the 28th week. They were told an abortion that late could not be done there, and referred the family to Women’s Health Care Services, a late-term abortion clinic run by George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas.

“Disregarding the situation” with Christin, according to the source, the family went forward with plans for a vacation cruise that was scheduled to leave that Sunday. The following week, the family returned to Texas on Sunday, January 9, 2005, and drove on that afternoon to Wichita, Kansas, to get Christin an abortion. They checked into the La Quinta Hotel, which at that time had an arrangement with Tiller to provide rooms for his late-term abortion patients and some of his staff. The La Quinta Corporation has since terminated those arrangements.

Troubled Abortionist Neuhaus Resurfaces

The family took Christin to Women’s Health Care Services on Monday morning, January 10, 2005, where she was evaluated by a “psychologist,” Dr. Kristin Neuhaus, of Lawrence, Kansas. According to Kansas law, post-viability abortions may only take place when there is an agreement from a second doctor who is not professionally or financially associated with the abortionist. Neuhaus has an arrangement with Tiller to evaluate all his late-term patients at the Women’s Health Care Services office when they first come in on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Neuhaus is in fact a former abortionist who came under fire in 2001 for aborting a woman who had withdrawn her consent. She once served as the abortionist at Central Women’s Services, the Wichita abortion mill that closed in June and is now owned by Operation Rescue. Neuhaus closed her Lawrence, Kansas, abortion mill in 2002, amid mounting scandal and debt.

“Because of all her professional problems, Neuhaus pretended to get out of the abortion business, but in reality she just changed jobs,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Now, instead of killing the babies with her own hands, she is earning her blood money by signing their death warrants.”

A member of the grand jury asked Neuhaus if there was ever a time that she did not sign off on an abortion when asked. Neuhaus pled the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer that question.

After the evaluation, the Gilbert family directly paid Newhaus with a personal check for her services. A grand jury member asked to see the cancelled check and Neuhaus’ records, but was told by prosecutor Ann Swegle that it would take an “act of God” to get those documents.

Of the arrangement between Neuhaus and Tiller, the source said, “It was wishy-washy to be honest with you.”

Carhart Begins the Abortion

Christin was then administered the digoxin shot to her baby’s heart by Nebraska abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who is employed by Tiller and works at the Wichita abortion clinic 1-2 weeks per month. Her cervix was filled with laminaria and she was sent back to her hotel. Christin did not eat dinner that evening.

The next morning, Christin was loaded into the family van where she expelled her dead baby on the way to the abortion clinic.

“She passed the fetus coming into the clinic in the family van and we couldn’t get anyone to even talk about that,” the source said.

Once at the clinic, a D&C procedure was done on Christin and a “tear in the uterus” was sutured. According to the source, the grand jury could not get anyone to testify about that, and were unable to get questions answered about whether or not this was problematic.

Misuse of RU 486 Revealed

At this point, Christin was administered the abortion drug RU 486. This drug is approved for medical abortion in pregnancies prior to the 6th week of gestation. The drug has been responsible for at least six deaths in the United States since 2001.

The source told Operation Rescue that RU 486 was meant to be an “insurance policy” to make sure everything had been expelled from the uterus. But when the grand jury compared Christin’s symptoms to the symptoms of other women who have died from RU 486, the source said that the symptoms were “identical to a ‘T.’”

There is no doubt in the source’s mind that this off-the-label, unapproved misuse of RU 486 contributed to Christin’s death.

Other “Issues” and Fifth Amendment Stonewalling

There were apparently “issues” with Christin’s condition on this second day, and the clinic staff indicated she should stay in Wichita for another night. Those issues were never fully explained.

To the frustration of some of the grand jury members, the abortion process was not explained, and they did not fully understand the procedure or terminology used when describing the medical intervention.

Clinic workers, with the exception of one, pled the Fifth Amendment. Tiller and Carhart never testified. Technical loopholes in the law were fully exploited by Tiller’s high-priced legal team to prevent him from ever facing the grand jury. Carhart evaded his subpoena by remaining in Nebraska.

“We couldn’t make decisions, because we couldn’t get anyone involved to speak,” the source said.

Undocumented Treatment

After Christin returned to the hotel on Tuesday night, her condition began to deteriorate. She was taken to the abortion clinic on Wednesday morning and treated for severe dehydration. However, the clinic staff made no documentation of her treatment, or how much fluids were administered to her. That lack of documentation proved to be a prominent factor on the day Christin died.

The Mystery of the Missing Abortionist

Wednesday evening, the family went out for dinner, but Christin would not eat. Sometime that evening, Christin was cramping, bleeding, and vomiting, at times passing out. Between midnight and 4 AM — there is a discrepancy in the testimony — the family called Tiller employee Cathy Reavis who was staying at the La Quinta on call. Reavis is Tiller’s longest employee, having worked for him for 29 years. Reavis is Tiller’s “head nurse” but she is not licensed, and neither are any other Tiller employees.

“They get six weeks training,” said the source. “That’s nothing.”

Christin was placed into a warm bath, which may have contributed to extra bleeding and infection. Reavis then helped get Christin cleaned up and back to bed.

Reavis called abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who was supposedly also staying at the La Quinta and was on call for emergencies. Carhart never responded and never saw Christin at the hotel. Testimony was inconsistent as to the whereabouts of Carhart and why he did not respond to calls for help.

Reavis, who was the only Tiller employee to offer testimony without pleading the Fifth Amendment, claims she returned to her hotel room and “overslept,” not arriving at the clinic until the ambulance was taking Christin away to the hospital.

The next morning, Christin’s family tried to get her ready to go to the clinic. Christin fainted and could not be revived. Although the grand jury was told that the family had been informed that they could dial 911 if they believed they needed help, her family did not do that. Instead, they loaded their bleeding, unconscious daughter on a luggage rack and wheeled her to the family van. Testimony was inconsistent as to whether Christin was able to sit up in the vehicle on her own during the 5-minute ride to the clinic.

The source was clearly disturbed by the attitude of the family toward Christin and stated, “The normal reaction was not how they reacted.”

Information Blackout

Christin arrived at the clinic and walked inside “with assistance.” Once inside, Christin “crashed,” meaning her heart and respiration ceased.

For the next 40-45 minutes, there are no notations in the medical records about the care and treatment of Christin Gilbert. There are reports that she was “bagged” but this seemed curious to the source since the clinic had the capability of administering oxygen.

The family indicated that they were placed in a separate room and had no idea what was going on with their daughter.

Tiller, who was busy with another abortion when Christin arrived at the clinic, “poked his head in” to see what was going on. He later reported to the family that Christin was being cared for, but did not reveal to them the fact that she was technically dead.

After approximately 45 minutes, a call was finally placed to 911. Tiller employee Marguerite Reed was evasive with the 911 personnel and placed them on hold for 45 seconds while she walked back to find out why an ambulance was needed.

Possible Perjury

Reed testified that she was met in a hallway by Cathy Reavis, who had earlier said she had overslept and did not arrive at the clinic until the ambulance was taking Christin to the hospital. Photographs taken at the clinic by pro-life sidewalk counselor Judi Weldy clearly show Reavis’ vehicle in the parking lot when the ambulance arrived at the clinic. Did Reavis commit perjury by lying to the Grand Jury about not being present at the clinic when Christin lay dying?

Reed testified that Reavis told her that she couldn’t tell her why, but that she just needed to get the ambulance.

The source was disturbed by this exchange. Reed was asked, “Is there no sense of urgency? You guys are arguing about giving information to the people who are trying to help you.”

Reed indicated that she never knew which employees were with Christin and had no idea what happened.

“I personally don’t think she knew what was going on,” the source said. “I think they [the Tiller employees] are very much controlled.”

Paramedics Arrive

The first to respond to the 911 call was the Fire Department. The ambulance arrived later, but missed the driveway and had to come back around. They were directed where to go by the Fire Department.

When paramedics arrived, they saw Christin laying in what was described as “huge amounts” of “coffee grounds” blood and fluid — “way more than you would normally see.”

In spite of the fact that Christin’s heart had not been beating, nor had she been breathing for 40-45 minutes, LeRoy Carhart was on top of her trying to physically force fluids from her stomach. Paramedics indicated that they first thought he was a male nurse who may not have known what he was doing. The paramedics ordered Carhart away from the girl but he did not comply. A male paramedic was forced to “very sternly” demand that Carhart step away from the girl. One report indicated that the paramedics may have actually pulled Carhart off her.

Rush to Wesley Medical Center

Christin was placed in the ambulance and rushed to Wesley Medical Center. Although Christin’s pulse was briefly revived enroute to the hospital, she never regained consciousness from the time she “crashed” at the clinic earlier in the morning.

Tiller arrived several minutes later, driven to the hospital by employee Sara Phares. Pro-lifers photographed Christin’s and Tiller’s arrivals at Wesley, but none of the photographs, including those taken at the clinic, were given to the grand jury, even though they were twice submitted as evidence.

Disconnected Family

At the hospital, Christin was bleeding from the mouth, vagina, eyes, and every other orifice. The family was advised of her condition, and reacted by telling the doctors to harvest her organs for donation.

The source was again disturbed by the behavior of the family. “I mean, this is your daughter. They should be crushed…It was a very strange deal. Here is a parent whose retarded daughter is pregnant. The normal reaction would not be how they reacted. There was no sense of urgency. [They were saying]‘We’re trying to put it behind us,’ and ‘We’re trying to move on with our lives.’ They want to retire and travel. I thought, oh, that’s real convenient that your daughter is not around because she was a real third wheel.”

Christin’s eyes were donated but the rest of her organs showed signs of hemorrhage and were not suitable for donation.

An autopsy was conducted by the Sedgwick County Forensics Science Center. The coroner who testified before the grand jury indicated that Christin died at 1:14 pm on January 13, 2006, from sepsis caused by a therapeutic abortion, but added that she also hemorrhaged.

Grand Jury Frustration

The jurors expressed frustration at the inability to question those directly involved in treating Christin. Lack of information, inconsistencies in testimony, and other unanswered questions prevented them from being able to make informed decisions.

“We couldn’t get any information out of anyone,” said the source. “Without anybody speaking, we couldn’t get any information out of nobody. These people can do what they want to, plead the Fifth, and walk. And I’m thinking, ‘How stupid is this?’”

COMING SOON! PART TWO: Inside the Grand Jury

  • Frank

    As I was reading, I was struck — way before the last paragraph — by the family’s behavior. These “parents” (and I use that term loosely) failed this young lady at every level, starting with the most basic, namely, to protect her. They acted like people who wanted to simply be rid of her:

    1. They obviously ignored her physical condition when she initially got pregnant. They tooks four months to figure it out??? Besides, even given her condition, she clearly was able to communicate at some level; prior stories make that clear. Surely somewhere along those 4 months she said more than once, “Mommy, my tummy hurts,” or “Mommy, I feel sick,” or otherwise commented on some phyical manifestation that basically almost all women (I’m told!) have when pregnant.
    2. They finally found out she was pregnant, which means (given her mental age of 6) that she was raped. They apparently did nothing, other than take a cruise.
    3. Their first thought was to have an abortion. When Planned Parenthood wouldn’t do it, they went a long distance to get one.
    4. When she was in obvious distress, growing worse ofver time, they took absolutely no action to save her life. Even while she lay dying, their actions manifested a desire to actually have her die.
    5. In short, they acted like she was a “third wheel,” as the story said.
    6. Lost in all this: How’d she get pregnant in the first place? Weren’t they supposed to be protecting her against that, too?

  • Deb Johnson

    Were the duties for Grand Jury members given to them? Why did the judge not require evidence to be given? Who is in charge of making sure the Grand Jury investigation is conducted according to the law? It seems like a raw deal that the public can demand an investigation, not be allowed to know what goes on in the courtroom and then be given little public information after it is completed. Could you have someone with integrity in the legal profession explain how a Grand Jury Investigation is supposed to be conducted?

  • Panda Bear

    I have been on the outside of one grand jury as it was sitting. I don’t understand why this grand jury was unable to get answers it needed. Who was “leading” or “steering” this grand jury? Was this person also among the “fraternity” we will hear about?

    As far as it taking “an act of God” to get certified copies of the checks the parents used to pay Neuhaus, Baloney!! You serve the bank with a subpeona to produce those records. Bankers don’t like to go to jail and they will hand over records so fast, it would make your head spin. From the parent’s bank account you will find out Neuhaus’ bank account, and you subpeona those records. Perhaps the “powers that be” will be afraid of what is discovered, or rather uncovered.

    I am concerned about the lack of parental diligence that it seems the particularly the mother had. What was she trying to cover up? Was she so blind to the plight of her disabled daughter that she prefered to turn her eye from the abuse that caused Christin’s pregnancy? Was not the poor dead aborted infant saved for DNA evidence of the obvious crime?

  • Theresa

    How sickening! It makes me ashamed to be from Kansas. It said early in the article that Christin was a victim of sexual abuse. The way her parents acted towards her makes me wonder if her father was, in fact, her abuser…

  • Frank


    I agree with many of your points, of course, but disagree with this:

    “I think that this is all just a cover-up. Obviously Tiller probably paid off most of these nimwits that had part in the case to defend him or cover-up most of the evidence.”

    –No, it’s much, much more subtle than that. “Cover up” is the wrong phrase IMHO, more like “orchestration.” The folks involved are NOT “nimwits,” not by a long shot, and I’m sure there was no “payoff” happening here, at least not directly. This is an illustration of just how intelligent, clever, and cunning these folks are. Tiller & his cohorts have covered their tracks quite masterfully when you think about it. It’s also not hurt Tiller that the victim’s family seem all too happy to close the door on this. One wonders how this turns out differently if the mom was, for example, going to work tirelessly for an indictment, hound the press, etc., sort of like Natalee Holloway’s mother. But then again, the parents were the ones who took her to Tiller in the first place. They knew someone (the baby) was going to die. They just probably didn’t figure on 2 deaths.

    Keep up the good work, ORW.

  • Mike

    None of this comes as any surprise to me whatsoever. It has been made very clear that Tiller has connections on every level and uses them to the fullest.

    This story is a perfect example of how abortion mills operate with untrained “medical personnel” due to lack of regulation and get away with it.

    What IS disturbing is the family’s aloof response to the entire situation and their readiness to simply “move on with their lives”…THEIR lives…..free now of having to deal with a handicapped child and a grandchild….

    Tillers stream of good luck WILL eventually come to an end but unfortunately at the cost of the life of another Christen Gilbert.

    Pray for Christen Gilbert and others like her, exploited in life and exploited in death.

    One can only shudder at the thought of how many other atrocities have gone on inside the walls of Tillers death chambers.

  • Ruth

    I think that this is all just a cover-up. Obviously Tiller probably paid off most of these nimwits that had part in the case to defend him or cover-up most of the evidence. Just like the person said up there, it is not that hard to get copies of those canceled checks. They could have easily gotten all of those things.

    The other disturbing notion is the feelings of this young girl’s parents. It took them more than 7 months, 7 months!!! To figure out she was pregnant. That is hard to believe since, as some one said up there, there should have been signs, sickness, even physical changes if indeed she did need help in bathing, etc.

    Out of all of these articles I have been reading in the past year or so, not one has really mentioned what the family has been doing to bring this killer to justice, or to find out who committed this crime of sexual abuse against their daughter. If they really wanted, or even really loved their daughter, this guy would have been put away a long time ago, if these parent’s were really concerned about their daughter’s justice. I know if my daughter had been (GOD FORBID) in this situation, and had passed away, I would do everything in my power to let everyone know, that this man is a killer, a liar, and needed to be put behind bars.

    It’s sad to see even a child, that had down syndrome, was raped, and their parents don’t even care to investigat what was going on; make it seem as she was a burden to them. Christen didn’t ask to come into this world, no child asks to come into this world. They are a gift of GOD. Children are precious, and we should take care of them as long as GOD gives them to us. These women that have abortions should be thankful that they could EVEN concieve! This makes me so angry when I story after story like this.

    May the LORD JESUS touch their hearts and may they repent from their sins and realize they have the blood of those children on their hands.

  • Ruth


    Yes true, I understand, that is what I was trying to get across, but by me being infuriated by this, it just came across in a bit of rude way. But I agree with you. I don’t mean literally they got together in a meeting with Tiller and he said to them “here is 20 thousand for you, and 15 thousand for you; and 40 thousand for you!!” That is not what I meant. Of course it’s going to be indirect and of course they are clever at planning these sorts of things.

  • Just FYI, “bagging” is just a method of providing oxygen. It forces it into the lungs of patients unable to draw sufficient breath on their own. So there’s nothing wrong with bagging her at the clinic. That’s not to say there’s not a lot of appalling stuff here, just that the bagging is routine resuscitation.

  • All_Life_IS_Precious

    What makes me really sick about this is that her parents did NOT give a flying bird about their daughter’s condition.

    Her mother took her to a PLANNED PARENTHOOD to confirm she was pregnant? Mentality: I don’t want my daughter to have baby. She’s not mentally able to care for a child.

    They took her 100s of miles away to have a very dangerous procedure done.

    They obviously did not care one bit about their daughter OR grandchild!

    And what REALLY sickens me is that LeRoy Carhart dodged his subpeona!

    That man is as sick as Tiller the Killer!

    Another death caused by RU-486.

    We have Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton to ‘thank’ for the approval of that drug that innocent women have died from using.

  • Lori Horn

    This tragedy and travesty of justice will not go forever unanswered; we know that God in heaven knows and sees all that has occurred in this case, and He will judge it rightfully, down to the smallest detail!

    Meanwhile, how can Carhart “dodge” a federal grand jury subpoena? How can the other staff involved in Christina’s case not have to divulge information crucial to the legal battle?

    The particulars of this case need to be widely published and every legal remedy pursued in the interests of justice!

  • Everybody but Christin dodged a bullet on this one. And her baby.

  • mike

    FYI, bagging is for people outside a medical facility. If this abortion clinic is truely a medical facility then it would not need to “bag” Christin. Instead it shows how inept these idiot baby killers really are. This place is nothing more than a chop shop and “dr” Carhart is a back alley butcher. BTW I have read how he has killed other girls in his home state of Nebraska… mike

  • Linda H

    I have a 48 year old cousin who has down’s syndrom. and am completely sickened by what happened to Christin. For the life of me I can’t decide who sickens me more, her parents, or Tiller and his staff! If anyone ever abuse my totally sweet, and innocent cousin I’d hunt them to the ends of this earth to get justice served for her.

  • Mary

    There seems to be some confusion in your paragraph concerning Christin being “bagged”. What “bagged” means is that a person’s breathing is either assisted or completely controlled by another person using an ambu bag. This is routinely done in emergent situations or during post surgical transport. This would indicate Christin was so critical that she could not adequately oxygenate herself with her own breathing. Even if oxygen was present in the clinic, it would be useless if Christin could not manage to breathe and oxygenate herself on her own. The fact that you must even begin assisting a person like this is an emergency and you certainly don’t wait 40-45 minutes to call for help, wherever you are!

  • “Meanwhile, how can Carhart “dodge” a federal grand jury subpoena?”

    It appears to have been a state grand jury, not federal. I don’t see this explicitly stated anywhere (in the minute I took to try to find out), but Kansas law was cited as the basis for it.

  • Kevin Given

    What can be done to stop this murderer? How many other woman have died at his hands? I fear for this country if the democrats retake congress in November! how many Kathy Sebeilus’ are there who believe in abortion so much that they would ignore deaths such as this one! how do we hold elected officials responsible for there crimes of ommission? I am not from Kansas, but I am ashamed to be an american when I read of what is allowed in this once great country!

  • Mike, I’m an EMT, and bagging takes place not only at outpatient medical facilities and in ambulances but in the emergency room as well.

    As much as there is to fault Tiller and his staff with, bagging Christin just wasn’t one of them. And it damages our credibility to act as if bagging her was somehow suspicious.

    Now what IS wrong is that they were bagging the girl but didn’t tell EMS this when they called 911. THAT is very, very wrong.

  • Mary, exactly. Bagging Christin was just giving her O2 when she couldn’t breathe it on her own. What’s appalling isn’t that the staff bagged her, but that they kept this information from EMS, telling 911 that she was alert and awake. THERE is the grounds for outrage regarding the bagging.

  • How many people are responsible for this young woman’s life, and that of her child? Quite a few, aren’t there.
    We now have two more angels in heaven to pray for us all.
    And someday, all involved in her death will have to meet their Maker, and explain it all.
    I am so sad to think about how frightened Christin must have been and all the pain that she went through. And the baby suffered, too.
    What this world has come to, is unbelievable. God help us all.

  • Choice 4 life

    As one who ashamedly received an early term abortion, my heart aches for Christin went through. She probably didn’t understand exactly what was going on and must have been confused and crying out for help. I can’t let my mind imagine too much what she must have been thinking as that is painful to think.

    Her parents – why the hardened heart? Having Christin for 19 years, didn’t they realize how precious life is???? Where were the advocates for adoption when she went to the Planned Parenthood in Dallas?? THAT MAKES ME ANGRY. There were other options but was anybody thinking about what was best for Christin or the baby? I don’t think so. How selfish of everyone involved. Christin had no input I quesss.

    I am just sick over this and my heart is heavy burdened.

  • Carole G.

    This is the first “in-depth” report I have seen of this outrageous double homicide. Of course, I don’t take the local paper because it is basically useless. At any rate, I too am shocked at the travesty of a Grand Jury that is unable to question witnesses or see critical evidence. Just how long an arm does Tiller the Killer have, anyway?! I also tend to think that “daddy dearest” may have had something to do with the pregnancy, which is the only thing I can think of that would explain their lack of interest in finding their daughter’s rapist. Is no one investigating him?

  • I just imagine Christin’s heartbreak when she expelled her dead baby on the way back to the mill. There’s no way she could have understood what they were doing to her. What must have gone through that poor girl’s mind?

  • David Berkowitz (“Son of Sam”) and Mark David Chapman (who shot John Lennon) came to repent of their crimes. So there is hope that, if they live long enough, these murderers and bootlickers of murderers may repent and come clean.

    But I’m not banking on it.

  • Bobbie

    Dear God how callous have we become. This child must have been precious to these parents at one time, otherwise why would they have named her Christin.
    But our society has become very selfish. The parents’ reaction isn’t a surprise to me. I was really shocked when I read about their lack of urgency, but really not surprised. We need to pray that their eyes are opened to the sin they committed and that they repent with a truely broken and a contrite heart. They are dearly responsible for the blood of two people and will not enter heaven if this is not repented of. Pray for these parents that conviction seer their hearts and that the scales come off their eyes. They are so deceived.

  • Melissa

    What a horrible story. Down’s Syndrome people are often sweet and loving. I can’t imagine Christin’s reaction at delivering a dead, nearly full-term baby. I’m sure she knew what “it” was. Poor girl. Poor baby.

    What a sad, sad story.

    What kills me (no pun intended) is that ‘borts are always talking about how wonderful mentally challenged kids are, but if a liberal, pro-abort woman finds out she is pregnant with a Down’s baby, chances are she’ll abort in a second. (BTW, individuals with Down’s syndrome often do give birth to babies who are not mentally challenged).

  • Jennifer

    Why did Christin’s parents come from Texas, but Carhart didn’t come from Nebraska? It seems that a state grand jury can issue an out-of-state subpeona, and the person in question still has to come. It sounds like Christin’s parents really did not want to be there, but they came anyway, because they had to. It really makes you wonder who got paid to keep Carhart (probably the most key witness and the one who botched the abortion) out of the courtroom.

  • when President Clinton took office he fired every federal attorney general in the country and although this had never happened in history NOT A PEEP FROM THE MEDIA! President Bush was too overwhelmed upon taking office and to my knowledge the Clinton pro-death appointments remained. I was called before a federal grand jury in 1984. You go in without an attorney and the procedures are much less strict. It appeats the prosecutor who questions and leads the proceedings was derilect of duty as any requests by the grand jury should have been provided. The Grand Jury had the duty and responsibility to bring before them any person of suspicion or of information they deemed important. There could be no grounds to allow anyone to dodge a supeona. a grand jury leak can be prosecuted. God bless your courage and persistance as OR is the BESt in the USA. WE MUST ELECT BARNETT AND REMOVE THE PRESENT PRO-DEATH GOVERNOR THIS NOVEMBER!

  • Isn’t it odd that parents cannot be involved when their minor child seeks an abortion…no consent, no notification…because that would mess up the girl’s “right to privacy” and “right to an abortion”…her “right to choose”. Yet, in this situation, an ADULT woman (with the mental staus of a 6 year old) can be taken by her parents and aborted without her consent? No where in the stories I have read did anyone ask this woman what she wanted or what her choice was. I know the response will be, she is retarded and needs her parents to intervein…she needs their help in making decisions of this magnatude. Well, why doesn’t this same “logic” apply to the minor child seeking a secret abortion to hide the evidence of her sexual activity…generally activity with an older male…activity that is statutory rape? Why are young girls given the right to choose, but retarded women are not? Why is the choice defended abortion and not life? What if this woman, despite her retardation, had it explained to her that she was pregnant, shown a picutre of a 28 wk old fetus and informed that IF born that very day, the baby had a good chance of surviving and could then be placed for adoption where a loving couple could assume the responsibilities that this woman could not and her parents did not want to assume? Maybe she would have said, “Mommy, I want my baby”. Did anyone tell her anything? Did anyone ASK her? Did she have an advocate at all within these places like Planned Parenthood that insist they are pro-woman and pro-women’s rights and pro-choice? Doesn’t sound like anyone did anything to help this woman. Wonder if it was because she was retarded and they decided she shouldn’t have a choice or…and this may sound cold, but if you read up on PP’s history and the tenents of the pro-choice/pro-abortion movement as one who seeks to eliminate those who are “unwanted” (Eugenics)…maybe what happened to this woman was little more than a post-birth abortion of a handicapped, disabled, retarded inconvenient, “burden” who was no longer wanted.

  • Cindy

    I work at a family practice clinic in Kansas. EVERY procedure , medication , ect HAS to be documented. Any chart that we have can be audited at any time. Are these people exempt to the RULES? The only way to over throw these sick people is to get the corrupt sick ones out of office.

  • Jay

    As a physician, this is an obvious case of medical malpractice and negligence. It shouldn’t take a medical education to convict this murderer. Sad, sad, sad case on so many fronts. It only makes you wonder how many of these cases are out there. This one only made it to general knowledge because the poor girl died. This is NOT an isolated incident. Abortionists could be put out of business if held to the same practice standards of the remaining medical profession. They are protected by coverups and shame of those victimized, including their families and friends.

    May the Lord have mercy on this nation for permitting murder of the most innocent.

  • Mary K.

    Would sure like to hear that this tragic case has resulted in action to keep it from happening again. Just discovered your website-so glad OR is still keeping abortion from being kept hidden from the public, and hopefully sometime stopped, or maybe for now, at least regulated.

  • Mike

    The photograph of Tiller at the top of this thread is one the faces of evil personified.

    It frightens me to look at it and know what he does for a living and to know that he hasn’t been stopped as yet.

    What adds to that fear is the fact that there are actually people in power who support what he does as well as the women who seek his “services”.

    Unidentified terrorists are one thing…..this guy is for real…and right out in the open, yet he forges on, along with Carhart and others…

    What is it going to take?

  • I am the mother of a 4 year old daughter named Christina with Down Syndrome, and I take the murder of Christen so personally,that it haunts me, and often makes me cry. I can’t shake off the image of the innocent look Christen must have given her mother in the midst of her suffering through a painful death, and the delivery of her dead child.Did she understand that the woman she loved most in the world had just betrayed her?

    It only shows that the abortionists not only think of babies as non-human, but also the disabled. How horribly coarse and brutal our society is becoming!

    I shudder to think of how offended Our Lord must be at all this! May He have mercy on Mr. Carhart, Mr. Tiller, and Mr. and Mrs Gilbert.

  • Louis Murray

    This is murder, plain and simple. It is sad that the mother died in this instance but the real issue is the murder of countless human beings. Lives that would have had meaning people that would have contributed to the good of all mankind, being snuffed out without any thought as to the horror of what was being done. This must be stopped. Our souls are at stake , as well as our whole civilization.
    May God help us all.

  • I feel like Ive just read something out of a Hollywood horror script! I just cant believe my eyes. So baby and mom die. No BIGGIE right? I suppose the next thing they will do is dehumanize the girl for having DOWNS -and those parents-what a class act. What has this world come to? Thank GOD for those that still care. Im convinced that Carhart and Tiller have both been turned over to reprobate minds. WHAT A MESS they both are!

  • Unbelievabe how pro-abortion advocates can keep a straight face when reciting their lame reason for having “legalized abortion” — to keep back-alley butchers with coat hangers from killing women seeking to end their pregnancies. What a laugh! How is Tiller, Carhart, and Sebelius any different from “Back Alley Killers”??

  • Just thought of this-How about Leroy Carhatless!

  • ally

    stuff like this, is out of control, tiller and everyone working for that facility needs to be put in jail, i dont care what kind of evidence they have or what the jury says, this is absolutely disgusting and insane. and her parents, [edit] should behind bars as well

  • S. L.

    Everyone that votes pro-choice should be behind bars.


    This whole thing is horrible but, it is not that the family did not care they were shock and the media took over and they just wanted to get it over and done with. This is not an excuse for what happened to Christen.