Grassroots coalition is calling for a criminal investigation into the abortion death of a Texas teen.

Wichita, KS — Signatures demanding the convening of a Grand Jury to investigate George R. Tiller in the third-trimester abortion death of Christin Gilbert will be presented to Sedgwick County, KS after a Petition Presentation Ceremony that will be held at noon at the Sedgwick County Administration Building on Friday, April 7.
A grassroots Justice for Christin Coalition launched the petition effort on January 13, 2006, on the one-year anniversary of the death of Gilbert, a 19-year old Texas Down Syndrome girl, who died at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, after complications from a botched third-trimester abortion received at Tiller’s abortion mill were misdiagnosed. Coalition representative Cheryl Sullenger says that the group has gathered over three times the number of signatures required by law.
“Because of interest in this effort to bring Christin’s killer to justice, the petition deadline has been extended to Monday, April 3,” said Sullenger. “The petitions will be presented to the County Clerk immediately following a brief ceremony on Friday, April 7.”
The State of Kansas allows citizens to convene a Grand Jury to investigate wrong-doing through a petition process. By law, the county will have 60 days after the required signatures are submitted to convene the Grand Jury.
“We were forced to take this route because we believe that political pandering to Tiller has thwarted his discipline through traditional channels,” said Sullenger.
The group maintains that Tiller’s large campaign contributions to pro-abortion politicians, including Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius, has bought Tiller cover with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, a Board whose Executive Director, Larry Buening, is a Sebelius appointee. The KSBHA refused to discipline Tiller for Christin Gilbert’s death in spite of an autopsy report that indicates Tiller was at fault and 911 documents that indicate his employee, Marguerite Reed, tried to cover up the true nature of Christin’s fatal condition.
“All we are asking is for an independent investigation into Christin’s death and attempted cover-up by people unassociated with Tiller politically, professionally, or socially,” said Sullenger. “We have yet to get that from any authority in the State of Kansas.”
More information about Christin Gilbert’s tragic death and the Grand Jury effort, including photos and public documents obtained by Operation Rescue investigators, can be found at