OR Files Formal Complaint and Demands Investigation

Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue has learned that an ambulance that transported an injured woman from a local abortion mill on May 11, 2005, was summoned by late-term abortionist George Tiller prior to the abortion because Tiller feared life-threatening complications and did not have the facilities to deal with such complications.
A complaint has been filed by OR president Troy Newman with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts over concerns that Tiller knowingly performed a high-risk abortion procedure without adequate facilities or apparent skill to complete the surgery without endangering his patient’s life.
According to a partially-redacted Computer Aided Dispatch transcript obtained by Operation Rescue, Tiller called 911 and summoned an ambulance to his late-term abortion mill, Women’s Health Care Services at 10:02 AM on Wednesday, May 11. He called back at 10:06 AM to confirm that the ambulance would be on standby for about an hour and may not be needed.
Anonymous sources confirmed the patient had medical issues that could have been life-threatening if she underwent an abortion. “The last thing Tiller wanted was another photo taken by Operation Rescue of him with another dead patient,” said one source.
Although Tiller emphasized to emergency workers that the ambulance might not be needed, the patient was indeed transported on an emergency basis to Via Christi/St. Joseph’s emergency room, at 11:27 AM, according to the CAD transcript.
Via Christa is a Catholic hospital that has refused to work with Tiller in the past. Catholic pro-lifers are investigating the incident and will seek disciplinary action against any physician who may have been working with Tiller to procure an abortion for the injured patient.
This incident took place just two weeks after the Kansas House failed to override Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ veto of a bill that would have mandated minimum health and safety standards for abortion clinics, which are currently unregulated and uninspected.
“Once again we call on the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts to suspend Tiller’s license pending an independent investigation into his dangerous abortion practices,” said Newman. “Just this year alone there have been three serious injuries at Tiller’s abortion mill, including one abortion death. There have been six injuries requiring emergency hospitalization in the past 16 months. How many body bags does the KSBHA need before it will take proactive steps to protect women from slipshod abortions at George Tiller’s back-alley-style mill?”
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