OR tours abortion worker neighborhoods in light of clinic closure.

WICHITA, KS — Late-term abortionist George Tiller closed his abortion mill to patients on the Saturday before the Roe v. Wade Anniversary and did not provide free abortions to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade as he has done for the past three years. However, as Operation Rescue gathered at the gates of his infamous abortion mill for the start of a Prayer Tour through the community, pro-lifers observed ashes floating through the air and noted the putrid smell of burning flesh emanating from the smoke-stack atop Women’s Health Care Services.
“Tiller did not kill babies today, and that is a great victory for the innocent children targeted for death. But instead, he had his industrial-sized incinerator fired up to burn the bodies of babies that he had already killed. It seemed to be a pathetic effort to demoralize us,” said Operation Rescue president Troy Newman. “In the past year, because of prayer walks such as the one we were about to begin, nine of Tiller’s clinic worker have quit working for him, and we have seen his abortion business decrease by about 20 percent. Prayer is powerful and it works! We are very encouraged.”
Operation Rescue continued their prayer tour to the neighborhoods of six abortion clinic workers, peacefully singing songs, reading Bible verses, and praying for the repentance of the abortion workers. They were escorted by at least four patrol cruisers from the Wichita Police Department, who observed every action of the pro-life group.

Abortion worker Sara Phares began videotaping the prayer service in front of her house. She then called over on of the police officers and demanded that charges be filed against several members of the group because they were “too loud.” One Operation Rescue staffer, who videotaped the event, was detained and questioned for disorderly conduct because Phares reportedly told the officer that she did not like the camera being “pointed at her.” This seemed hypocritical to the Rescuers since Phares had been within a few feet of the faces of praying pro-lifers with her own video camera.
An police investigation is proceeding and it is unknown if charges will actually be filed. This action comes one day after Newman spent 8 hours in jail for “littering” at the abortion clinic during a police crack down that included the issuance of 17 tickets against Operation Rescue vehicles.
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