Washington, DC — Three American Christians were arrested for a second time in Beijing, China. Video of the arrests was caught by CNN cameramen. (Video posted below.)
Rev. Pat Mahoney, Brandi Swindell, and Michael McMonagle were arrested and forcible dragged away as they knelt in prayer outside the Mao Tse Tung Mausoleum. The group was in Bejing speaking out against China’s forced abortion policies, religious persecution, and other human rights abuses.
Plain clothed policemen were filmed dragging Rev. Mahoney and Ms. Swindell by the arms as other men, presumed to be additional plain clothed officers, attempted to shield the arrest from cameras with large umbrellas.
The three Christian activists were detained and released earlier in the week as they stood in Tiananmen Square with a banner that read in English and Chinese, “Jesus Christ is King.”
It is unknown if or when the group will be released after Thursday’s arrest.
In the wake of the arrests, President Bush today issued his harshest statements against human rights abuses committed by the Chinese government.
“We stand in support of Rev. Mahoney and the other two brave Christians who have been arrested again for speaking out on behalf of the oppressed. The human heart yearns for freedom and truth. The truth of the Gospel and the sanctity of life cannot be silenced forever. As the eyes of the world focus on Beijing for the Olympics, we pray that those truths will be emblazoned in the hearts of all who hear of this courageous and prophetic witness,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We pray for their immediate release and safe return to freedom.”