Targeted for pro-abortion violence, ORW Truth Trucks will fearlessly roll on during pro-abortion “Death March”
WASHINGTON, D.C. — In spite of being targeted by militant pro-abortion groups for vandalism and other violence, Operation Rescue West has vowed to keep the Truth Trucks on the road in Washington, D.C. during the “March for Women’s Lives” scheduled for Sunday.
A group calling themselves the Radical Cheerleaders of DC has threatened to spray paint and otherwise destroy the graphic, billboard-sized pictures of aborted boys and girls that are mounted on the sides of the Truth Trucks.
ORW will photograph and videotape anyone who attempts to damage the Truth Trucks or injure staff members, and will turn all descriptions of individuals and other evidence over to the proper authorities. ORW vows to aggressively prosecute all who commit crimes against them.
“We will not be intimidated by threats of violence against us. The pro-abortion radicals would like nothing better than for us to take our message off the street so they can continue to deceive the public about the true, horrific nature of abortion. They know that the messages on the Truth Trucks change hearts and save lives. That is why we will continue to expose the truth that abortion is the brutal murder of innocent children in spite of the risks to our property and ourselves. Lives depend on it.” —Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue West
“The pro-death minions may succeed in destroying our signs, but they cannot destroy the truth. No amount of whitewash can hide the fact that abortion brutally destroys innocent pre-born children, as the trucks so graphically portray, and leaves in its wake broken women with broken lives.” —Cheryl Sullenger, ORW Event Coordinator