If you don’t think that death panels exist, or think they won’t exist under Obamacare, this is the article for you. Forced abortions in the United States? Yes they are happening, and without due vigilance and public outcry, this will only get worse. Thanks to WND.com, this abortion abuse is being exposed. -OR Staff
Girl’s ‘forced’ abortion blamed on government ‘death panel’
‘This is what happens in China. Girls are taken kicking and screaming’
May 06, 2010
By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily
A longtime veteran of the battle against abortion in the United States says the case of a Philadelphia teen who reportedly was coerced into a late-term abortion by a social services agency can be blamed on government’s so-called “death panels.”
The issue of “death panels” came up during debate over the Democrats’ health-care reform law. Critics said the plan, signed into law in March, included government boards that would approve or refuse certain medical services for some patients.
“Obamacare” supporters denied that such panels existed or would exist, but Troy Newman, president of the pro-life Operation Rescue organization, said the Philadelphia case is evidence they already exist and are operating.
The Philadelphia Daily News apparently was the first to document the case in which social workers took a teen for an abortion even though the teen had been looking forward to having the little boy and even had picked out a name.
Further, the teen’s mother had opposed the abortion, as had the foster mother with whom the teen was staying. The newspaper even reported that one social worker, Marisol Rivera, who said she didn’t want to take the teen for an abortion, later was dismissed by the social services agency.
“This is what happens in China,” Newman told WND. “Girls are taken from their homes, kicking and screaming, thrown in a van, taken to abortionists and they undergo a forced abortion.”
He said it’s also not rare in the U.S., citing cases he has witnessed in which girls and women under direct supervision of various governmental agencies, from detention centers to foster care settings, were delivered to abortionists.
“It’s something we’ve been following for years. We’ve seen forced abortions in prison settings. We’ve seen these women in chains brought to abortionists. We’ve seen foster care parents, and the whole system, force teens into abortion,” he said.
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