By Jo Scott

Denver, CO — A cattle drive through the streets of Denver began the January 7, 2006, 100th anniversary celebration of the annual National Western Stock Show and Rodeo event. Normally the coldest 2 weeks of the year, this year’s event is likely to reach record high temperatures. Ranchers and farmers from all over the United States gather together to show and sell their livestock. Denver economists have projected that between 84 and 100 million dollars will be added to the cities economy during the two weeks of the event. That much revenue means people, that many people means crowds and crowds equal opportunities for pro-lifers to get out the message about abortion.
Allen Radtke, Cliff Powell, and Ken Scott took turns touring the route around the Denver Coliseum, the Western Event Center, and the stockyards for four and a half hours Saturday while people movers carrying dozens of spectators at one time, arrived to attend the affair. In light of the fact that the people attending the stock show are from all over the United States the opportunities for education are exciting and endless.
The day was a success and there are two weeks left for the Truth Truck to visit the event. Hopefully the message of the truth truck will go home with the ranchers, even if some of their livestock will not.
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