Jackson, Mississippi — Residents and city officials hardly knew what to think as the Truth Truck arrived in Jackson to participate in a prayer vigil outside the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi.
The Truth Truck parked directly across the street from the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, an abortion mill featured in a recent PBS documentary that discussed the success of the pro-life movement at closing abortion mills across the nation.
Curious residents came out from businesses and stopped along the street to watch as a number of Jackson police cruisers blocked the street and created a scene as they attempted to determine if the Truth Truck was violating any laws.
“They told us we needed a permit,” said Operation Rescue missionary Keith Mason. “But when we called their bluff on that, they finally left.”
The prayer vigil was organized by a Louisiana Catholic group led by Rich Mahoney, who travels the country conducting prayer events at abortion mills.
While in Jackson, Mason happened upon a street preacher who was being confronted by police. “They told him he needed a permit, too,” said Mason who offered to help the street preacher find out what the city codes were. The two visited a city official who told them that he would not grant a permit for the open-air preaching of God’s Word, because it would be “noisy” and would probably “bother’ some people. Mason put the street preacher in contact with legal counsel who are considering filing a suit against the city.
OR’s Billboard Survives Fire

On the trip back to Wichita, the Truth Truck passed Operation Rescue’s pro-life billboard along the I-35 outside Norman, Oklahoma, the perfect location for a pro-life message. Because late-term abortions have been dramatically restricted in Texas, many women drive up the I-35 on their way to Wichita to kill their children and must pass the billboard site.
Mason and OR missionary Ken Reed discovered that the ground all around the billboard was charred as if a fire had burned there. It was the only spot along the road that was scorched.
“If it was someone’s intent to destroy the sign, they failed,” said OR President Troy Newman. “I believe the hand of God protected that message so that women coming up to Wichita for late abortions at Tiller’s would be ministered to by it.”
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