Apparent setbacks are only strengthening resolve.
By Keith Mason

Earlier this month a bill was introduced to ban all abortions in Colorado, the first of the United States to decriminalize abortion in 1967. SB 143 would have reversed that law, making it a class 3 felony to perform an abortion.
Despite the bill’s eventual demise, it was still a worthy effort, according to Sen. Scott Renfroe, R-Greeley.
“I think protecting life is the most important function of government,” he said.
The bill would have banned all abortions in the state except those performed to save the life of the mother. Initially, there were no exceptions in cases of rape or incest, but a Republican from Littleton, Colorado amended the bill to allow those exceptions.
A basic view of those who attended the committee hearing showed overwhelming support for SB 143. Only a few members of Planned Parenthood (who profit from abortion) a US Senators’ Daughter, and a women who said she represented victims of rape testified against the bill.
The rest of the room was filled with those who supported the ban on abortion and time ran out before all who signed up to testify were able to share their defense of the measure.
Of the most compelling testimonies was that of Brian Rohrbaugh, President of Colorado Right to Life, who explained how abortion has created a culture of death in our society, leading to violence in our schools and a general lack of respect for human life.
Wheelchair bound Chelsea Warne of Gilcrest, Colorado could have been aborted herself. Diagnosed with spinabifida, she also has a second spinal disorder that will likely leave her a quadriplegic by age 40. Warne testified that most babies with her conditions are diagnosed before they are born, and 80 percent are aborted.
Warne went on to convey that she couldn’t understand how people could support her rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act, but not her right to be born.
“If I have no value nestled in my mother’s womb, how can I have value in a society that views me as broken, somehow less?” she said.
Along with her testimony were several women who shared how past abortions had destroyed their lives.
Even though Senate Bill 143 was narrowly defeated with a 4-3 vote in committee, it has had an energizing effect with local pro-lifers.
“It is exciting to see officials like Senator Renfroe with the courage to introduce such powerful legislation in a liberal state like Colorado. The momentum to ban abortion in Colorado has begun and can only grow from here,” said Keith Mason, missionary with Operation Rescue, who attended the hearing.
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