CA State Sen. Bill Morrow is caught compromising again on life issues.

San Diego, CA — It has been learned that conservative Republican California State Senator Bill Morrow has ties to the abortion and live human embryonic experimentation industries. Morrow is running for the United States Congressional seat vacated by Randy “Duke” Cunningham, who faces 8 years 4 months in Federal Prison on corruption charges.
Morrow’s wife, Barbara L. Morrow, is employed as General Counsel and Vice President of the California Healthcare Institute, (CHI), a leading advocate for human embryonic experimentation. In addition, Mrs. Morrow is frequently listed as a contact person for the organization on the issue of human embryonic experimentation and has actively pursued financial sponsors for the organization.
According to the James Hartline Report:

This evidence directly counters recent statements by the senator and others favorable to the senator’s campaign for congress, that Mrs. Morrow is not involved at all in the embryonic stem cell research being advocated at CHI. Further compounding the growing body of evidence that Mrs. Morrow is not just an uninvolved lawyer for CHI, as many of Senator Morrow’s defenders are now publicly stating, is another news items obtained from CHI’s archives. The following two items taken from CHI’s News Bulletin, Vol. 10, No. 10 demonstrates that Mrs. Morrow has been an aggressive conduit for advocating the embryonic stem cell agenda of the California Healthcare Institute’s culture of death science.

Morrow has tried to distance any relationship with human embryonic experimentation because he is aware it would hurt him with his pro-life, conservative base in the upcoming April 11 special election.
Interestingly, this is not the first time Morrow has compromised his stated pro-life position for the sake of political expediency. In the late 1990s Morrow was confronted by pro-lifers for accepting money from the notorious California abortionist Edward Allred, who owns a chain of 20 abortion mills in California and Illinois. Allred has admitted to building his vast fortune by having personally committed over 500,000 abortions.
“This is a case of ‘Pro-lifers, Beware!’” said pro-life veteran Cheryl Sullenger, former elected member of the San Diego County Republican Central Committee. “It looks like the leopard hasn’t changed his spots. If a man will betray the most vulnerable among us for a buck — or so his wife can make a buck — then he is not qualified for a seat in Congress, especially at this pivotal time when pro-lifers are making so much progress. The innocent children for whom we advocate simply cannot afford another compromising politician.”