I KNOW we can win this fight — if we don’t back down!
UPDATE: Last night, Congress passed a temporary patch to the budget problem that thankfully defunded abortion in the District of Columbia, but put off the matter of defunding Planned Parenthood nationwide. That vote will now be taken separately at a later date, as will the matter defunding of Obamacare. This fight has only just begun…
Dear Friend,

I’m a peaceful man; I don’t look for a fight. But sometimes the fight finds you. That happened the day I saw a picture of an aborted child laying mangled and bloody in a trash can.
That picture changed my life, and for the last twenty years I have been steadfast in my campaign to save babies from a brutal death at the bloody hands of an abortionist. In that time we have seen two-thirds of the nation’s “chop-shops” and “houses of horror” shut downnever to reopen. Multitudes of abortionist “hacks and quacks” have lost medical licenses, been sued, and some have even been put behind bars, never to kill again.
I fight because the babies’ lives depend on our work!
In the coming weeks, our struggle to end America’s Holocaust will reach a fever pitch, and by the time you are reading this newsletter the nation will be engulfed in a coast to coast frenzy over abortion funding.
And I desperately need your payers to support our efforts!
The remnants of the abortion cartel are rallying behind Obama and Harry Reid to keep their grubby paws on our tax money. The abortion cartel, led by the lead crime bosses at Planned Parenthood, knows the only way they can maintain their ever-shrinking baby-killing empire is with our tax-dollars.
I’m not willing to let that happen! When we stop feeding billions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, hundreds of their shops of horror will be forced to close!
When abortion clinics close, abortion rates decrease. We have seen it time and again!
You and I know that Americans are SICK of abortion and SICK of piling billions of our dollars at the feet Planned Parenthood and their killing machine.
The time to fight is now, and the battle we must WIN is the one to defund Planned Parenthood. This is the SINGLE most important fight in the looming Federal budget showdown.
Obama and Harry Reid have dug in their heels saying, “Planned Parenthood funding is the hill we are willing to die on.”
So the battle-lines have been drawn: Obama and his pro-baby-killers on one side and the defenders of the children on the other. But some cowardly politicians are sitting on the sidelines with their finger in the air to see which way the political “winds” are blowing.
Here is where Operation Rescue shines. In the coming weeks we are going to “call-out” these spineless politicians. We are going to force them be either the hero, who stands strong for Life, or the goat who squanders our hard-earned tax-dollars to the crooks at Planned Parenthood.
We have already proven that Planned Parenthood is breaking the law, covering up for child sexual abuse, fraud, and even killing women. (Last week Operation Rescue documented another terrible botched abortion at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic – the fourth we know of just this year. Listen to the dramatic 911 call below.)

With your faithful support and prayers, Operation Rescue is going to be part of the nation-wide team petitioning Congress to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider.
This is a desperate fight at a pivotal moment in our history. Winning this battle will be one of the greatest victories ever on behalf of the innocent pre-born babies that will save thousands – even millions of lives. We just can’t afford to lose!
As I am writing this letter, we have a team of people demonstrating on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, and I need to tell them that you are standing shoulder to shoulder with them.
I will be traveling to lead protests and speak with leaders in Congress, and we will be launching an Internet campaign to activate the grassroots. It is going to drain our resources.
I’m asking you to do two things right now:

• Storm the gates of heaven with your prayers for this crucial victory on behalf of the pre-born.
Give as generously as you can to Operation Rescue so we have the resources we need to fight.

Operation Rescue is in this fight to win because winning closes abortion clinics and saves innocent lives.
I hope to hear from you very soon.
A voice for the voiceless,

Troy Newman
P.S. The few remnants of the failing abortion cartel are desperate to keep our federal tax money flowing into their coffers. We say, “Take away our tax dollars, and LET THEM FAIL!”
Now, Barack Obama has teamed up with Planned Parenthood against the lives of children. Together, they make a DEADLY DUO. But we can be encouraged that the tide is turning in our favor. The majority of Americans has now rejected the Planned Parenthood culture of death and has turned to embrace a culture of life. Right now there are fewer than 680 abortion mills left in the country. (1,500 have already closed over the past 20 years of pro-life labors and prayers.) With new momentum on our side, now is the time to press forward to victory.
Please rush your best gift to Operation Rescue today. On behalf of the babies, we thank you for your support of Life and this work.
[Special thanks to NuncVideo and Abortion in Washington for the video.]