Dear Friends of Life,

I’d like to share with you a Thanksgiving story that I pray will warm your heart as it has mine.
Many years ago, sidewalk counselors met a young couple who were about to enter a San Diego area abortion clinic. There were already two car seats in the back seat of the couple’s small sedan, and there just wasn’t room for another. Besides, the couple said, they wanted to be able to give their two children all the best things in life. Another child just wasn’t in the plan or the budget.
After an extended discussion, the couple warmed to the pleadings of the sidewalk counselors and left the clinic without having the abortion.
The sidewalk counselors befriended the couple. Soon Mom and Dad prayed to receive Christ as their Savior and began regularly attending church.
A few months later, a baby girl (we will call her “Abby”) was born. In spite of their financial fears that drove them to the abortion clinic months before, God supplied all their needs and more.
Later, there would be another little boy born to this family, then another girl. Eventually this couple would be the proud parents of nine precious children, including one set of twins!
Mom once confided that she believes that she may never have accepted Christ if she had gone through with the abortion, and her marriage may not have survived. The sidewalk counselors did more than save a baby. They were used by God to save an entire family. And that’s not all!
Little “Abby” grew into a beautiful young woman and married. Just last week I saw a posting by Mom on Facebook. She was accompanying “Abby” and her husband to the hospital where “Abby” gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.
It meant so much to me to see the newborn picture of this precious “second blessing,” a child whose life never would have been possible without the loving intervention of Christians who cared enough to reach out to abortion-bound women so many years ago and save the life of this new baby’s mother while she was yet in the womb.
Our ministry reverberates down through the years, touching now a second generation. Talk about a Thanksgiving blessing!
As we pause from our busy lives to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, we are particularly thankful to God that He has privileged us with this ministry. We work every day in hopeful confidence that one day families like this will be safe from an abortion industry that unmercifully preys on their fears. In the past year, over twenty abortion mills have closed, many as a direct result of the work of Operation Rescue.
Closing clinics, saving lives, and working toward the day when abortion is a simply a tragic footnote in our nation’s history. That is what Operation Rescue was all about in the early 1990s, it is what we are about today, and it is what we will continue to be about until every life is protected by law.
If you appreciate the work we do, please consider making a special Thanksgiving gift to Operation Rescue. (Click here to donate online.) Your gift will ensure that there will be more “Abby”s blessing the world with their own precious children years into the future.
We are grateful for all of you who make our work possible through your sacrificial giving.
May God bless you abundantly!

For the babies,

Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue