By Cheryl Sullenger

Austin, TX – Moments ago Texas State Representative Briscoe Cain (R-Deer Park) filed House Bill 1500, known as the Texas Heartbeat Bill, that will protect babies in the womb from death by abortion once a heartbeat is detected.

Rep. Cain also serves as Operation Rescue’s Texas attorney.

With the expected refiling of a similar bill in Ohio next week, ten states will seek to pass Heartbeat Bills during this year’s legislative session.  Rhode Island is working to pass similar language in the form of a resolution.

Rep. Cain is confident that the Texas Heartbeat Bill contains language that will survive a Constitutional challenge.

“The heartbeat is a universally recognized indicator of life. The Texas Heartbeat Bill recognizes that this universal indicator should also apply to our most innocent and vulnerable Texans. A society is judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable members. I believe the most defenseless members of our society are innocent unborn children. As State Representative, I am committed to making Texas the safest place in America for the unborn child. I will continue the fight to ensure that all Texas children, including those saved by the Texas Heartbeat Bill, will inherit a prosperous Texas filled with endless opportunity,” stated Rep. Cain in a written statement.

“We are very proud of our good friend and attorney, Rep. Briscoe Cain, for introducing this legislation that will put an end to nearly all but the earliest abortions in Texas,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.  “These innocent lives are, as President Trump has also said, are ‘made in the holy image of God’ and they deserve all legal protections the rest of us enjoy.  We are encouraged by the finely crafted language in this bill that we believe will be able to stand up to any of the challenges the Abortion Cartel may bring. With so many states seeking to pass similar bills, we may be seeing the first wave of a movement that will soon rid our great nation of the barbaric practice of abortion once and for all.”

Read the text of HB 1500, the Texas Heartbeat Bill

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