Austin, TX — Operation Rescue announces that progress is being made in Texas Medical Board investigations of abortion abuses involving 14 abortionists in the Lone Star State.
TMB officials have contacted Operation Rescue for additional evidence and affidavits related to the fourteen complaints filed by OR staff members earlier this year. Operation Rescue has complied with the request.
In addition, eyewitnesses report that on May 3, 2011, authorities inspected the Abortion Advantage clinic operated by Lamar Robinson in Dallas. Robinson is one of the abortionists currently under investigation. Witnesses also report that since Operation Rescue made public the Medical Board investigations, abortionist Arthur John Brock, has not been seen at that clinic where he had routinely worked.
The Board investigations are the results of a three-month undercover investigation conducted by Operation Rescue, with the help of The Survivors, that revealed widespread abortion abuses such as HIPPA privacy violations, illegal dumping of human tissue and biohazardous waste, informed consent violations, and a willingness to assist minors in the evasion of Texas parental notification and child sex abuse reporting laws.
Written reports documenting the abuses were hand-delivered to each Texas State Legislator in March.
As a result, the Texas Legislature took up bills to hold the abortion industry accountable and passed a new law that requires abortion clinics to conduct ultrasounds on pregnant women prior to their abortions, describe the development of their pre-born babies, then give women 24-hours to think about their decisions. Legislation like this has been known to reduce abortions in other states.
In addition, Texas is considering a bill to prohibit tax dollars from going to abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood, similar to the bill signed into law earlier this week by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels.
“The investigations and subsequent legislation are long overdue and will provide some protections for women and their babies from unscrupulous abortionists that prey on the vulnerable,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“The last thing abortion clinics want is public exposure. They want women kept in the dark about the development of their babies, and they want the public kept in the dark about the unsafe and illegal practices that are rampant in Texas and at abortion clinics around the nation. Operation Rescue will continue to work with the authorities to expose the abuses that the abortion cartel wants to keep secret, and bring those responsible to justice.”
Fourteen abortionists currently under investigation are Jasbir Ahlwualia, Arthur John Brock, Robert Hanson, Margaret Kini, Pedro Kowalyszyn, Sherwood C. Lynn, Jr., Lester Minto, Alan Molson, Robert L. Prince, Lamar Robinson, Franz Theard, William West, Douglas A. Karpen and Brook Randal.
Read the report: “Widespread Abortion Abuses in Texas Exposed”