Pinnellas Park, FL — The autopsy report for Terri Schiavo was released today and revealed no new details that could have morally justified her court-ordered killing by dehydration.

Although the autopsy report indicated no signs of strangulation or other abuse, as Terri’s parents, Bob and Mary Schindler had suspected, it also found no signs of an eating disorder, as her husband, Michael, had insisted.
“Whatever the extent of Terri’s disability, she did not deserve the death penalty,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. Operation Rescue was one of a group of pro-family/pro-life organizations that sponsored prayer vigils outside the hospice where Terri eventually died, and worked to save her life through appeals to legislators and judges.
“If a person’s disability can somehow become a crime punishable by death, then we should all be concerned about our future and the future of our posterity. To allow Terri to be cared for by her loving family would have been to affirm the value of all life, no matter how imperfect. But instead the courts chose to devalue life by ending Terri’s, and we are all less safe today because if it.”
Reaction to Terri Schiavo’s Autopsy