Austin, TX – Operation Rescue has been notified that a tenth abortionist will face a disciplinary hearing this fall before the Texas Medical Board based on a complaint filed by Troy Newman the group’s president.
Franz C. Theard will face an Informal Settlement Conference/Show of Compliance (ISC) hearing on October 28, 2011, at 1:00 PM.
Theard is an El Paso abortionist who also runs an abortion clinic just over the state border in New Mexico. Operation Rescue recorded one of Theard’s employees coaching a caller who claimed to be a minor seeking an abortion, to cross state lines to avoid having to comply with the Texas parental notification law.
Aborted baby remains were also discovered by pro-life activists in a parking lot outside Theard’s El Paso abortion clinic earlier this year. That incident was also reported to the Medical Board by Operation Rescue.
“Theard and the other abortionists have played fast and loose with the law for far too long. Their actions have endangered women, created public health hazards, and misled young women into having preventable abortions. We look forward to seeing them held accountable to the law,” said Newman
Operation Rescue, with the aid of the Survivors, conducted a three-month investigation into Texas abortion clinics and discovered a wide range of violations from the illegal dumping of human remains to abuses of the 24-hour informed consent law. Operation Rescue reported the violations to three Texas agencies.
The results have shaken the abortion cartel in Texas. So far, two abortion clinics, Whole Women’s Health in Austin and McAllen have been cited for illegal dumping of aborted baby remains and a total of ten abortionists must face ISC hearings to determine what discipline, if any, they should face for violations that have not been made public by the Board. Hearings for all ten abortionist will take place on the save day and are scheduled a half hour apart.
“This will be a day of reckoning for abortionists in Texas and will send the strong message that they are not above the law,” said Newman.
Other abortionists facing possible discipline for abortion abuses are William Watkins West, Jr., Robert E. Hanson, Jr., Pedro J. Kowalyszyn, Sherwood C. Lynn, Margaret Kini, Alan Molson, Robert L. Prince, Douglas Karpen, and H. Brook Randal.
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