Washington, DC – Sen. Harry Reid is up to his old tricks and is trying to force through government health care that includes taxpayer-funding of abortion — again.
Obama is not giving up even though the vast majority of Americans oppose government-run health care, and an even larger percentage of the people (71%) oppose tax-funding of abortions. They are attempting to use a tactic called “reconciliation” in order to bypass debate that could be filibustered by the Republicans. Make no mistake, this is just an underhanded way to circumvent the will of the American people and force this so-called health care boondoggle on us.
In fact, our hard earned tax dollars already go to pay for abortions to the extent that it is artificially keeping some abortion businesses afloat, and allowing the monolithic Planned Parenthood to build and expand. (Read more)
Over the past few months, your response has helped defeat this ill-conceived health care plan over and over. Now your help is needed again.
Please contact your Senators and Representative today and let them know that you oppose “reconciliation” and any health care bill that includes even one penny for abortions.
Contact: Your Senators, Your Representative