Incident raises questions about the clinic’s safety

WICHITA, KS — Pro-lifers suspect a botched abortion may have taken place yesterday a Central Women’s Services. Sidewalk counselors observed a sports vehicle with two medical personnel wearing surgical scrubs arrived at the first trimester abortion mill from Wesley Medical Center, which is located just across the street. The pair stayed for approximately one hour before returning to Wesley. Just after that, a man came out and helped an obviously injured women hobble to the car. Sidewalk counselors noted that this was not the car she had arrived in and that her vehicle remained in the clinic parking lot long after all the employees left.
Central Women’s Services has been the center of a recent controversy over the disposal of aborted baby remains, which Rescuers discovered are dumped at a privately owned landfill in Johnson County. (Read Story) It is also one of the four Kansas abortion mills that would have been forced to close if a clinic regulation bill vetoed by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius had been allowed to become law. The clinic fails to meet the standards put forth in the legislation that had passed the Kansas House and Senate with an overwhelming 2/3 majority in April. (Read Story)
The abortionist at Central Women’s Services, Sherman Zaremski, travels to Wichita from Kansas City two days per month to abort babies in the first trimester. Zaremski is the former business partner of fellow Kansas City abortionist Krishna Rajanna, who lost his medical license earlier this year over a scandal involving filthy conditions at his now closed abortion mill, and allegations of cannibalism. (Read Story) Zaremski has also been disciplined by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts for various violations of medical standards.
Wesley Medical Center is currently the focus of frequent pro-life protests because of their association with Wichita’s better-known late-term abortionist George R. Tiller. (Read Story)
“This incident raises more questions about the safety of this particular abortion mill,” said OR President Troy Newman. “It apparently is not adequately equipped to handle complications when they arise, and complications will probably be happening more frequently as time goes by given the fact that Zaremski is 73 and no longer capable of driving himself to work. We believe very firmly that women place their lives and health in danger when they walk through the doors of that abortion mill. It should be closed in the interest of public safety.”