Update on the Jimmy Kimmel incident to deny pro-life protesters free speech rights
By Operation Rescue Staff
In what was described by several leaders as an extremely successful Survivors camp, around 90 pro-life youth congregated in Los Angeles, Calif., during the last two weeks of June to speak in place of the silenced voices of the preborn.
After attending several seminars designed to aid the efforts of the pro-life movement, the Survivors took to the streets and neighborhoods, spreading the message about the truth about abortion to a state where abortion runs rampant.
The efforts of the Survivors saved the lives of five confirmed babies. Four of the babies were saved by sidewalk counselors outside of Family Planning Associates in Rosemead, Calif., and another baby was saved on Laguna Beach after the mother viewed graphic pictures of abortion and spoke with some of the Survivors.
In addition, the Survivors worked throughout the camp to stand up for their First Amendment right to free speech, a right that a light crew on Hollywood Boulevard tried to take away from the pro-lifers earlier in the camp.
Operation Rescue reported on a situation where a light crew affiliated with the Jimmy Kimmel Live show turned hot spotlights onto Survivor Ryan Bueler.
See http://www.operationrescue.org/archives/video-shows-attack-on-teen-by-jimmy-kimmel’s-tv-crew-and-false-arrest/ for the complete story and to watch video footage of the initial incident.
Survivors sent a letter to Jimmy Kimmel asking for an apology, and when none came, the Survivors demonstrated twice in front of Kimmel’s home and again on Hollywood Boulevard on the last day of camp.
After four Survivors gained tickets into Kimmel’s show and asked for an apology while Kimmel was on air, the Survivors were detained, but upon the rest of the Survivors chanting “let our people go,” the Jimmy Kimmel Live show pledged to never hire the light crew again. The four Survivors were released without citation.
Overall, the camp was extremely successful. The Survivors stood up for their First Amendment rights, and—more importantly—rescued five babies from the knives of abortionists.
In addition, the Survivors’ message was spread all across the Los Angeles area. The Survivors protested at an embryonic stem cell research lab at the University of California at Irvine and demonstrated at the following venues: Hollywood Boulevard, Laguna and Venice beaches, Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, Evergreen Baptist Church (which is located directly across the street from a Family Planning Associates branch), and in front of the homes of an abortionist and Jimmy Kimmel.
The demonstrations involved informative signs and literature—as well as graphic signs—and were mixed with dialoguing. Many of the demonstrations also included die-ins (demonstrations where Survivors lie on the ground and are covered in a red cloth to symbolize the children who have been killed by abortion).
In addition to the public demonstrations, several Survivors were given the opportunity to appear on radio. Along with the Rev. Pat Mahoney and Brandi Swindel, ten Survivors spoke on The Vince Daniels show. Some shared personal testimony, and others debated pro-abortionists including one of the station’s employees.
Another success that the Survivors obtained was gaining the attention of Evergreen Baptist Church. Family Planning Associates, located directly across the street from the church, performs abortions on Sundays while the church-goers attend service. The Survivors’ demonstrating efforts brought one church member across the street to sidewalk counsel. In addition, an associate pastor at the church agreed that he would preach about the issue in the following Sunday’s sermon.
Though the Survivors camp only lasts for two weeks each year, it provides an excellent educational and training opportunity for young pro-lifers who will spread the message to their hometowns.
America has seen a decrease in the number of abortions being performed over the years and an increase in the number of people who label themselves “pro-life,” and it is organizations like Survivors that rise up the next generation to continue to spread the truth about abortion.