Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman joins the Survivors for two weeks of “pro-life boot camp”

Los Angeles, CA — Troy Newman went to camp this summer, but not for the canoe trips and cookouts. This camp is a special pro-life activism training camp put on by Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, a youth group that is based in the Los Angeles Area.
Newman, along with other national pro-life leaders with years of experience in the abortion trenches, imparted knowledge and wisdom to about 80 enthusiastic young people of the next generation.
Over the first week of camp the young pro-life activists have participated in numerous protests, an in-studio radio interview, and Sunday morning sidewalk counseling at an abortion clinic that operates directly across the street from a Baptist Church. Survivors report that three babies were saved as a result of those efforts.
“Survivor Camp provides a unique experience for young people, whose generation is more pro-life than ever,” said Newman. “It gives them the tools to go from having a pro-life opinion, to actually becoming effective advocates for the pre-born who are able advance that position in the public square, changing hearts and minds of abortion-bound women and the public in general. What we took years to learn through hard experience, they are taught in two weeks. It is an amazing opportunity for young people who want to make a difference in this world for the better.”