SCOTUS_HobbyLobby-captWashington, DC — The U.S. Supreme issued a 5-4 ruling to day in support of Hobby Lobby’s objections to being forced to pay for abortion and contraception through Obamacare. The Court ruled that closely held corporations such as Hobby Lobby, are exempt the Obamacare mandates that violate their religious freedoms.
When the decision was announced, pro-life and religious freedom activists erupted in celebratory cheers and chanting.
“This is a huge win for people of conscious and a stern rebuke for Obama and his HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, who have repeatedly overstepped their authority and attempted to strip Americans of their precious freedoms,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We have opposed Obamacare from the beginning because of its funding of abortion and life-ending drugs, and we are thankful that Obama’s tyrannical mandate, which ran rough-shod over our religious freedoms, has been struck down. I was personally ready to suffer jail rather than to allow the government to force me to violate by deeply held religious beliefs.”
Operation Rescue was at the forefront of opposition to Obamacare and crafted the Pledge for Preservation of Life and Liberty signed by pro-life leaders from around the nation that became the pro-life movement’s definitive statement of intent not to comply with the despotic Obamacare mandate.
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