Dear Friends of Life,

Over the past week, our staff has been working at a fever pitch to expose information about Planned Parenthood’s scheme to provide medical abortions using the dangerous drug RU486 over the Internet without a licensed physician present.
We broke this story wide open with our special report last month. A week ago yesterday, a front page article appeared in the Sunday edition of the Des Moines Register discussing the “telemed abortion” scheme and Operation Rescue’s complaint that has launched an investigation of Planned Parenthood by the Iowa Medical Board.
Since then there have been numerous television reports and stories by other media outlets describing this push-button Internet abortion plan that we believe is not only dangerous, but is very likely illegal. We continue to give several interviews a day on this subject.
Last Thursday, we sent two of our staff members and our Omaha-based Truth Truck to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to participate in a well-attended protest of Planned Parenthood led by the Pro-life Action League. About 200 determined souls braved the cold and rain to stand for life! (See the link at the bottom of this letter to view more photos of this great event.)
As a result of that well-timed protest, which received heavy and very positive news coverage, Planned Parenthood made statements that confirmed that “telabortions” are an integral part of their five-year plan to expand abortion services to every one of their clinics nationwide.
This would represent the largest expansion of abortion services since Roe v. Wade.

We are not exaggerating. We’ve crunched the numbers. We now have just over 700 abortion clinics in this country. If Planned Parenthood is allowed to expand these dangerous push-button Internet abortions to all their clinics as planned, the number of abortion clinics would increase by at least 694.
That means the number of abortion clinics would conservatively double in this nation if Planned Parenthood succeeds in accomplishing their five-year strategic “telabortion” plan. And along with it would be a certain increase in the numbers of innocent babies who will die from abortion.
Planned Parenthood does not have enough abortionists to staff every single Planned Parenthood clinic. That’s been a problem for them — until now.
If abortionists are allowed to “phone in” their office visits and dispense abortion drugs at the push of a button, one abortionist sitting in an office miles away could literally kill hundreds of babies by lunch-time.
We simply cannot let that happen.

  • Already, we have filed a complaint with the Iowa Board of Medicine, and we have been informed that an investigation is underway.
  • We have exposed Planned Parenthood’s “telabortion” expansion scheme before they were ready for this to be public knowledge. That took away their element of surprise and put them on the defensive.
  • Now is the time to press the advantage!

    We are working on a wider plan using all peaceful, legal means available to us to stop this dangerous abortion scheme from spreading. Already we are networking with other pro-life groups who are willing to help.
    But we need your help to see this through. Finances are tight, especially with the summer months approaching when donations traditionally fall off. This year, the pre-born babies cannot afford a summer slump while a well-financed Planned Parenthood works to expand abortion services so they can kill more children.
    Please consider making a sacrificial gift to Operation Rescue to help us press on in exposing Planned Parenthood’s dangerous “telabortion” scheme and stop it from spreading to YOUR home town.
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    On behalf of the pre-born babies we are working to protect, I want to thank you in advance for your support of our work.
    For Life,

    Troy Newman
    President, Operation Rescue
    P.S. We are working night and day to expose Planned Parenthood’s “telabortion” scheme and stop the largest expansion of abortion services since Roe v. Wade. Please help us by making a donation to Operation Rescue now! Click here to donate.
    P.S.S. Please read our Special Report on “telabortions” at this link. To view more photos of the Planned Parenthood protest in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, click here. To read about our complaint to the Iowa Medical Board, click here.