The current push to ban abortion in the states is an exciting one. Operation Rescue visited South Dakota and Mississippi as the legislative debates were underway and was privileged to be a part of history in the making. We plan additional trips to states where abortion ban efforts are still alive. Here is an update on the latest efforts, compiled on April 3, 2006. -OR Staff
House Bill 791, Senate Bill 503
Bills that would ban abortion except to save a mother’s life were introduced in both houses of the Alabama Legislature in march, 2006. HB 791 pending in the House Health Committee while SB503 is awaiting action in the Senate Judiciary Committee. HB It is believed that this bill will not pass this year because both houses are controlled by Democrats.
House Bill 93
Currently stalled in the House Judiciary (Non-Civil) Committee.
House Bill 1096
Failed to pass out of committee. Dead for this legislative year.
House Bills 489 and 750
Two versions of an abortion ban failed to pass out of the House Health and Welfare Committee before the end of the legislative session.
Referendum to Ban Abortion
Efforts are under way to gather enough signatures to place an abortion ban on the ballot in Michigan for state-wide vote. However, it is being done without the State’s Right to Life chapter, which has announced it will not support the referendum drive.
Senate Bill 2922
The House amended the bill to include rape and incest exemptions. Compromise language in the Senate could not be agreed upon. The bill is currently dead for this legislative year.
Senate Bill 1248
This ban is currently stalled in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Energy and the Environment, where it was sent with the hope it would die.
House Bill 228
This legislation is currently awaiting action by the House Health Committee.
House Bill 3213
HB 3213 passed the House in 2005, but was referred to a subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee last April where it has stalled.
House Bill 1215
Passed into law and signed by Gov. Mike Rounds. Pro-abortionists are currently circulating a referendum petition to challenge the ban at the polls. Ogallala Sioux Indians have threatened to open an abortion mill on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to circumvent the abortion ban, but the South Dakota Attorney General has indicated that unless the abortionist is a Native American, he would be subject to arrest under the laws of South Dakota.
Senate Joint Resolution 127
This resolution would amend the State Constitution to indicate that it recognizes no right to abortion or right to abortion funding, except for rape and incest. It bans partial-birth abortion. Passed out of the Senate and is currently awaiting action in the House Public Health and Family Assistance Sub-Committee.