archlookingup_thumb.jpgA pro-life event that will equip you to STOP ABORTION in your community.
It is my privilege to invite you to attend a four-day pro-life event, VISION FOR VICTORY, in St. Louis, Missouri, from June 10-13 co-sponsored by Small Victories and Operation Rescue West.
This exciting time will include daily activism at the abortion mills, on the streets, and in the neighborhoods of St. Louis and surrounding communities.
In addition, we will host nightly meetings where a clear VISION FOR VICTORY over the abortion industry will be presented with the goal of equipping you with the tactics and support you need to END abortion in your community.

June 10-13
Nightly meetings begin at 7:00 PM at the Church of St. Louis,
3145 Lafayette Ave; St Louis, MO 63104
¨ Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue West
¨ Rev. Ed Martin, Rescue American International
¨ Pastor Clenard H. Childress Jr., New Jersey Director of the Life
Education and Resource Network (LEARN)
¨ Daniel and Angela Michael, Small Victories
¨ Cheryl Sullenger, California Life Coalition/Heartland Life Network
TO REGISTER, CONTACT: 800-705-1175
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Hotel Accomodations
Holiday Inn Express, ST. LOUIS
2625 Lafayette, ST. LOUIS, MO 63104.
Toll-Free: 1 800 465 4329;
Tel: 1-314-773-6500;
Call for current pricing.