Documents show connection between embattled Sen. Arlen Specter and America’s Most Notorious Late-term Child Killer

It is estimated that sometime in 1995, George R. Tiller, aka “Tiller the Killer”, the notorious late-term abortionist from Wichita, KS, contributed over $4700 to Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter’s primary campaign during his failed bid for president.
A search of the website,, revealed approximately 75 of George Tiller’s campaign contributions, including the refunded donation to the Specter campaign. According to documentation that is displayed by clicking on the contribution amount, the donation was not refunded until September 26, 1996, but according to news reports, ( Specter withdrew from the race on November 23, 1995, stating that, “I am out of money.” The Republican Convention took place on August 12-15, 1996, when Sen. Robert Dole was selected as the party nominee for president.
This begs the question: If the Specter refund of Tiller’s contribution was for moral reasons, why the wait over a year to refund the money? Maybe more to the point, why refund the contribution at all, especially in light of the fact that Specter was apparently desperate for funds? There is a possible clue at
Specter’s campaign finances were audited and problems were found. The audit findings were presented to the Federal Elections Committee at a conference held on August 27, 1996. By returning Tiller’s contribution, could Specter have been trying to clean up some illegal excess contributions before the final determinations of the audit could be presented in November, 1996?

In addition to the campaign contribution, Tiller hosted Specter in Wichita, Kansas, in 1995 during a fundraising visit. Specter was Tiller’s guest at a local country club, a visit protested by pro-lifers at the time who witnessed the pair arriving together at the posh facility for an afternoon of elbow-rubbing with Wichita’s elite business and social community.
Arlen Specter’s connections with the infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller is sufficient to establish that Specter is beholden to the abortion industry and will continue to stonewall pro-life nominees, assurances notwithstanding.
But there are other indications that Specter is in bed with the abortion industry. Corporate donors to Specter’s 1998 Senatorial campaign can be found at Here are a few that raise red flags:
HJ Heintz – $7000 (Pro-abort John Kerry’s in-laws)
Georgetown University Hospital – $1000 (Pro-abortion hospital)
Hoechst – $1000 (The parent company of Russel-Ulclaf, the makers of RU-486, the “Abortion Pill.”)
Republican Pro-Choice PAC – $1000
According to, George Soros, the rabidly pro-abortion wealthy liberal who spent millions in a failed attempt to elect John Kerry, also kicked in $1500 to Specter.
“The fact that Specter has a cozy relationship with George Tiller, the poster boy for abortion on demand, should trouble us. We must remain ever vigilant where Specter is concerned, that he not be allowed to derail the mandate of the people to promote a Culture of Life in America.” -Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue