Up In Smoke: Incinerated Remains Of Aborted Babies Fall In Wichita

Wichita, KS — Smoke and heavy ash drifted down today upon pro-lifers from the smokestack above George R. Tiller’s late-term abortion mill, Women’s Health Care Services, the largest late-term abortion mill outside Communist China.

Tiller operates an industrial-sized incinerator at his mill that he uses to destroy the bodies of babies aborted there. According to his web site, Tiller offers cremation services for those who abort their late-term children and even sells decorative urns so the women can take home the remains of their aborted babies.

Today, the acrid smell of burning flesh stung the throats of those who witnessed the billowy brown plumes of smoke and ash that blew off to the west against a cloudy Kansas sky.

Meanwhile, Tiller was open early for first-trimester abortions. Vehicles carrying pregnant mothers came in from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

“One couple in large white pick-up truck had removed their license plate in an obvious attempt to hide their identity. People who act like that understand that aborting their son or daughter is a shameful and cowardly act,” said Operation Rescue missionary Cheryl Sullenger, who was at the mill to offer help to women seeking abortions.

Sullenger photographed the smoke and ash as the incinerator burned. She caught some of the fine, grayish white and black ash as it fell.

“It is really a creepy thing to think that I was holding the ashes of some poor child who had been aborted just this week,” she said. “We often think of abortion as a political issue or the object of some intellectual argument, but holding those ashes today helped me reconnect to the humanity of the pre-born child, and the catastrophic devastation that child-killing has brought to the men and women of our nation. But we should do more than grieve for the loss of these innocent babies. It is imperative that we commit, if we have not already done so, to taking meaningful action to stop this heartbreaking tragedy from continuing.”

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