Washington, DC – A measure failed this morning to block a measure that would have prevented pro-abortion Democrats from using the “Slaughter Rule” to “deem” the health care bill passed without actually taking a vote on the legislation.
This clears the way for the “deeming” vote on Sunday. Some House members would rather vote to “deem” the bill passed rather than voting on the actual bill so that they can tell their constituents that they did not vote for the unpopular so-called” reform” bill that will open the doors to the largest expansion of abortion funding in U.S. history.
The latest polls show that 55% of the American people would rather have Congress scrap the current plan and start over, with more than 71% opposing the provisions that will allow for taxpayer funded abortions.
“It is clear that the Democrats under Obama are hell bent forcing this ill-conceived and unwanted legislation on the unwilling public no matter the consequences. They are even willing to circumvent the Constitutional provisions that govern lawmaking in order to do it. We must oppose this with all we have because this kind of manipulation of the system is the first step toward totalitarianism,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
Meanwhile, a coalition of 12 Democrats led by Rep. Bart Stupak is holding strong in their opposition to the bill based on its funding of abortions. The current headcount for and against the bill is uncertain.
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