Washington, DC — The House Budget Committee voted 21-16 to approve rules that would help Democrats force a full vote on Obama’s health care plan by the end of the week.
The Budget Committee voted today on a “shell bill,” since no one has yet seen what the final bill will actually look like, but the vote had the effect of starting a 48-hour clock on a required vote in the House Rules Committee, the last stop before the bill can be brought to the House Floor for a final vote.
“The fact that no one has even seen what this final legislation will look like is a huge red flag and is an indicator that this vote is hasty and ill-advised,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Our elected representatives have no business voting on a bill that isn’t even in print and cannot be reviewed by them, much less the public.”
In the meantime a new Rasmussen Poll indicates that 55% of the American people would rather have Congress scrap the current plan – what there is of it – and start over.
“When you add in the provisions for tax-funding of abortions, the negative numbers skyrocket with at least 72% of the American people opposed, according to the latest numbers,” said Newman. “The pro-abortion Democrats would rather tank health care altogether than abandon their plans to force taxpayers to fund abortions.”
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a radical abortion supporter, has said that she is no longer working with pro-life Democrats to come to an agreement on abortion funding. She is attempting to pass the bill without the support of Rep. Bart Stupak and his Blue Dog Democrats that have so far held firm in their opposition to any language that will allow the funding of abortion. Republicans say Pelosi simply does not have the numbers.
Yesterday, Obama held a tightly controlled rally in Ohio in support of so-called “health care,” which of course will fund abortions, in order to pressure Rep. Dennis Kucinich to flip his vote. Men like Rep. Kucinich need our support and encouragement if they are to stand strong against the pressure-filled bullying tactics they are currently enduring.
“We simply cannot afford to stand silently by. We must speak out now. Obama and his cronies are applying pressure to hold-out Democrats like we’ve never seen. Even if you have called before, please call your Congressman again and demand a no vote on Obama’s health care plan,” said Newman.
Below are direct links to the contact pages of Congressmen who are currently withholding their support for Obamacare and need our encouagement.
Luis Gutierrez, IL
Baron Hill, IN
Joseph Cao, LA
Bart Stupak, MI
Jim Oberstar, MN
Scott Murphy, NY
John Boccieri, OH
Dennis Kucinich, OH
Kathy Dahlkemper, PA
Jason Altmire, PA
Bart Gordon, TN
Brian Baird, WA
Steve Kagen, WI
Contact Your Congressmen; Contact Your Senators.