A WorldNetDaily.com article posted yesterday reminded us of the seventh anniversary of the sentencing of abortionist Bruce Steir for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Sharon Hamptlon, who bled out after a botched abortion at a Moreno Valley, California, abortion mill in 1996. (Read shocking details of Hamptlon’s death.) Steir received a year in the county jail and 6 months probation. He was forced to surrender his medical license in 1997.
Operation Rescue President Troy Newman visited the unremorseful Steir during his incarceration at the San Bernardino County Jail in California in an attempt to share the Gospel and urge repentance, but Steir was belligerent and closed to the message of forgiveness and regeneration through Christ.
His pro-abort supporters attempted to portray Steir as a martyr and complained that charges against him were a “frame-up.” Later, they expressed “devastation” at his conviction and incarceration, but very little in the way of remorse for the death of a young mother who died in front of her 3-year old son.
“Their attitude dramatically illustrated the abortion cartel’s callous disregard for the welfare of women,” said Cheryl Sullenger, spokesperson of Operation Rescue. “These people were willing to sacrifice the lives of women to insure that abortionists kept aborting and abortion mills remained open. Unfortunately, that general attitude persists today.”
But pro-life supporters, especially the activists who protested outside the abortion mills where Steir worked, were relieved that for once a small measure of justice had been served, and that a dangerous man was off the streets.
Today, Steir is 75 and can never again obtain a medical license. The abortion clinic where he fatally injured Hamptlon is closed. Meanwhile, Operation Rescue continues to work to expose abortionists, and see to it that abortion clinics, the sites of so much human suffering, are closed for good.
“For evildoers shall be cut off; but those who wait on the LORD, they shall inherit the earth. For yet a little while and the wicked shall be no more; indeed, you will look carefully for his place, but it shall be no more. But the meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”
—Psalm 37:9-11