The movie Bella is a wonderful family movie that has been winning awards and rave reviews at film festivals across North America. Today and tomorrow, you will have the opportunity to see Bella as it opens in additional limited theaters across the nation.
Hollywood has tried to impede the distribution of this outstanding movie. While abortion is not directly mentioned, the pro-life theme of this heartwarming movie is unmistakable. We believe the life message in Bella is so powerfully and artfully presented, that it will save lives and change hearts.
Let’s send Hollywood a message that these are the kinds of films we want our families and our communities to see. A good showing at the box office today and tomorrow will help the theater owners make decisions to hold this movie over for showing over the Thanksgiving weekend and beyond, when many more people will have the opportunity to view it.
Please go see Bella today or tomorrow and take the entire family.
Bella is playing at the Warren Theater on East 13th in Wichita, Kansas, on Wednesday November 21st, and Thursday, November 22nd. (If you do not live in Wichita, please check local listings in your area for theaters and show times.)
SHOW TIMES are 1:20 – 4:20 – 7:10 – 10:15 both days.
TICKETS are $6.00 for matinees, and $8.00 after 6:00 p.m. For those 55 and over, and those 12 and under the price is always $6.00 at any showing.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
For Life,
Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue