Click to listen to Troy Newman’s latest 1-minute radio commentary on the health care bill.

Washington, DC – Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson yesterday rejected a compromise on tax funded abortions submitted by Dem. Sen. Robert Casey, Jr. as being too weak. The pro-life Democrat has been under intense pressure to cave into his leftist party’s demand for taxpayers to foot the bill for our nation’s abortions, a plan that would likely drive up the falling abortion rate and breathe new life into a failing abortion industry.
A vote on cloture, which would end debate, requires 60 votes, something the Democrats do not have. Evoking cloture would pave the way for the passage of the massive health care plan. A vote for cloture is, in reality, a vote for abortion because once the debate ends, there are enough votes to pass the bill with a simple majority.
While Republicans employ nearly every delay tactic at their disposal, ultra-liberals may not support Obama’s heath care takeover because it is not liberal enough. Some have indicated that they might not vote for cloture if abortion funding is stripped from the Senate version, or the public option is omitted.
There is speculation that a critical vote could come on Christmas Eve – or even Christmas Day. Could the Democrats be counting on Americans being distracted by the holidays to slip through this anti-life monstrosity?
Please keep encouraging your Senators to reject Obamacare, especially if it contains even one cent for abortions – right through Christmas Day, if necessary.