Burial missed an opportunity to provide a teaching moment to the public about the horrific nature of abortion and the value of human life.

Elkton, Maryland – Pretty much everything about their short lives was secret. On Monday morning, November 15, 2010, the remains of 34 aborted babies were secretly buried in an Elkton cemetery three months after police discovered them in a storage freezer during a raid on the secret abortion clinic where their lives secretly ended.
Blogger Jill Stanek broke the story of the burial yesterday after speaking with the only reporter to witness the service.
The bodies were the result of late-term abortions illegally started by the notorious abortionist Steven Brigham at his Voorhees, New Jersey abortion mill, and completed at his under-the-radar Elkton, Maryland, clinic. Brigham is not licensed to practice medicine in Maryland and has since had his New Jersey medical license suspended. Two other abortionists involved in Brigham’s illegal late-term abortion scheme have also been suspended in Maryland. (Background)
According to Stanek, her source at Elkton’s newspaper, the Cecil Whig, says that of the 35 babies recovered, 34 were buried on Monday. One child’s remains were claimed by a Canadian couple.
Most interesting is news that eleven death certificates were issued for eleven of the pre-born babies. Does this mean that eleven murder counts could be pending?
Operation Rescue spoke with a representative of the State’s Attorney’s office in Elkton, who indicated that the case was still an open investigation under the purview of the Elkton Police Department, who conducted the initial raid and recovered the aborted baby remains. Operation Rescue continues to monitor the case.
In the meantime, while it is commendable for the Immaculate Conception Church to arrange for a decent burial for the tiny victims of abortion, it is more than sad that the service was held in secrecy.
“It is important for the world to know that the lives of 35 innocent babies have been brutally and illegally taken from us,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The burial service would have allowed the pro-life community the opportunity to restore human dignity to these children in death that was denied them in life.
“This kind of secrecy only works to benefit the abortion industry, who seeks to hide the grisly truth about abortion abuses such as the ones to which these babies fell victim. These abuses have become commonplace across the nation. It was a lost opportunity to provide a teaching moment to the public about the dangers of abortionists who act as if they are above the law as well as the horrific nature of abortion, and the value of human life.”
It is time for the secrecy to stop. It is our prayer that justice in this case will be aggressively and publicly pursued by the authorities.
We must shine the light on the horrific nature of abortion and help the American people face the grisly nature of an abortion industry that is fraught with abuses. This is the kind of public discussion that is needed if America is to ever face the truth about abortion and end it once and for all.