Hialeah, FL – Results of a forensic pathologist’s review of documents and slides related to the autopsy of a baby born alive during an abortion at a Hialeah clinic in 2006, reveal that non-medical workers may have committed manslaughter when they shoved the struggling baby girl into a biohazard bag and tossed her on the roof of the clinic to die.
The Thomas More Society, who is representing the mother of the baby, named Shanice Denise, hired forensic pathologist Abdullah Fatteh to inspect the available evidence, including the county autopsy report, microscopic slides prepared by the medical examiner, and other records.
Fatteh concluded that unlicensed worker Belkis Gonzalez performed the abortion, wherein the baby was born alive. He concluded that they cut the cord and improperly disposed of the baby’s body. Abortionist Pierre Renelique was absent during the incident.
Fatteh stated, “The actions of unlicensed clinic staff probably accelerated and/or contributed to the death of the newborn. It is most likely that neglectful actions around the time of birth of newborn and prematurity were the significant factors that resulted in this newborn’s death.
“These conclusions imply that Gonzalez could be held accountable for manslaughter in the premature death of baby Shanice,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger.
Gonzalez, who owned a group of abortion mills, including the Hialeah clinic, pled guilty to practicing medicine without a license at another abortion mill in Miramar, Florida, on December 20, 2007, and was given five years probation. Her associate, Siomara Senesis was also charged in the Miramar incident, and her case is still pending.
Gonzalez’ lawyer, Robelto Osborne, a former abortionist who had his license revoked, was previously convicted of practicing medicine without a license, as was her receptionist, Joselin Colado, and her cleaning lady, Adrianne Rojas.
The criminal investigation against Gonzalez in the death of Baby Shanice is open and progressing.
“The only way to protect the public from these predatory illegal abortionists is to put them in jail,” said Sullenger. “We pray that charges will be filed soon and that justice will be done for Baby Shanice.”
CORRECTION: An earlier report of this story indicated that Siomara Senesis was with Belkis Gonzalez at the time of Baby Shanice’s delivery and could face criminal charges. That is incorrect. Senesis was not present during Baby Shanice’s birth and tragic death. Senesis is an associate of Gonzalez and was charged with her for practicing medicine without a license at a Miramar, Florida, abortion clinic owned by Gonzalez. We apologize for the error.