SECOND Late-Term Abortion Clinic Manager Leaves Under Pressure
Was a focus of “Year of Rebuke” Campaign
rhondalipsomb.jpg WICHITA, KS — Rhoda Lipsomb has left her job as clinic manager at Women’s Health Care Services, owned by late-term abortionist George Tiller, after only three months employment. Rhoda is the second clinic manager to quit her job at WHCS in the last 4 months.
Lipscomb came to Wichita from Planned Parenthood in Denver, Colorado, as a result of a nationwide search for a new clinic manager after the previous clinic manager quit under pressure from Operation Rescue West’s “Year of the Rebuke” campaign, which included publicly exposing the worker’s abortion connection and praying for her in her neighborhood. That former clinic employee now manages a candle shop.
ORW prayed for Lipscomb and often begged her to stop participating in child-killing through abortion as she entered and left the late-term abortion mill where she also served as Tiller’s personal assistant.
Lipscomb was last seen at a fundraising party for ProKanDo, Tiller’s political action committee, where Operation Rescue West conducted a First Amendment outreach that featured large graphic photos of aborted babies displayed on two Truth Trucks parked in the neighborhood where the event was held. ORW staffers greeted each party-goer with the Gospel message and a plea to stop funding abortion. Lipscomb has not been seen since.
“In the words of the popular song, ‘Another one bites the dust!’ This is good news for the women and babies of our nation. The harder it is for Tiller to find employees, the harder it will be for him to continue to kill babies. As we continue our ‘Year of the Rebuke’ activities, we pray that every one of Tiller’s employees will follow Rhoda Lipscomb out the door and dedicate themselves to protecting human life until George Tiller has no option but to close his abortion mill forever.” -Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue West
“For whatever reasons Rhoda Lipscomb decided to leave her job at Tiller’s abortion mill, we rejoice and thank God that she no longer participates in the brutal killing of innocent baby boys and girls. We wish her the best and pray God’s blessings on her for her decision to stop participating in the abortion trade.” -Cheryl Sullenger, ORW Event Coordinator